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THE WO ME N are TH E J ü D G ES THEY HATE DECIDE!) DNAMMÖÜ8LY IN FAVOR OF "We have asked for CoilipariSOIl of PrifCS on oar goorl and tlie overwhelruing decisión of every on e is that Mack & Schmid are way down below any competitio.i in Black and Colored Silks SATINS, VELVETS, AND ALL KINDS OF FANCY and STAPLE DRY GOODS. The market fluctnatcs, iyp are always watohing f and sell strictly "at, late qnofnfions. Witliln the !us( weck tlipre lias been a decline hr eorlain makes of Coiton Goods, we liaic taken advanlase f Mnp same and mado larye purcliaspp at latest rediieilons. BVERT YARD l'KKVIOCSM' ÏS STOCK RKOUGHT 1UV TO THE SAME RATIOBLEACHED AND ÜNBLEACHED MÜSLINS of evory widlh Rnd ïrnde, witi He llcsl Complete stook of Dry ;odi in.tlio city at i'vio s that even ;is.()ui -',i the mosT bUrioud. W All }{ocls ntarïiecl in plaiu fiftures, awl 110 öeviatiou. All misrepreeutatuHi ui' gumiastriclly piotinited,


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