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Lafayette's Tomb

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All Amoricans shonlu imrcc a pi], grim igc to the last, resting-plftceof the preat Lafayette at the eoiuetery of Picpus. It has been saiil that it beeauie necessary to abandon tliis cemetcry because it was grorged with (lead. Tliis is an error; the room was not lacking, but tho place of internient was badly situated in tlie miilst of a piarter thinly popal:ited, but ricli; u was beside the "subect ot'lhu dialribes ojt' tlie iukI of tlie oontre reyojutioiiists." The result was its removai. Diiring the eariy part of tho li;:iyn of' Terror acciu(Hury iieini;' ni.'e.led, uftoioe was made ufa tsort ot" ilosert, wliiuh backin it ttuaiiiet tlie veiy walls of La Foliu Cliarires, that is to say theParo-Monce:iu ot to-ilay, was boumled by the old Wall (i'uiieL'iiiU: tlie line Valois ainl tho line du Roche. Tliis wa.s ca iled the (Jemetery de MoUSeuaHx, as kiiowu ollioially, but all lau people oi h:i iLiiie l'uione called it the'-Uimcliero des Erranois." It was "iuaugurUto i" in July, 17U5, by the burial of C liarlo Lto Coruay, one of the very tirst to be iiiterrCa there. it ivceireü also all tiie "haiM -cases"' of tlie revolution. 'Che" cemetery was very soon closud an.i never agaiu usei. lieloie the 18l1i bnunaire nu more intermeiits were made there, and iis very existeuce secmed to be iiiored. A "'cabaret" was established.on its site, imd people drank, sniig, ana daneed there. Tlie annexatiuii ot' that suburb of l'aris cauaed tliis ''pelit Tivoli" to disappear. The coiislruetiui) ol the Boulevard Male.saerües and the exLcnding of the line Miroiuenü scatteretl nearly the last remains oí' this aucient cenietory. All tliat is left of iniow is a lrament close to the walls, and some ball piayers come toeilier tliere oceasiunaily Loenjoy tiieniseivos-, P ie pus, .La Madeleine, and Les Brrancis were, thereiore, tlie threo nepositaries of the vieiiuis of the yuilloiine.


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