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If there is ínyíhing iièeful for a Lady soin out to buy goods, it is to kiiow the best place to iïivest her cash and get a good cholee, also a Iteliablc Houst. For over twenty years the name of this Dry Goods House has been a household word, for the simph and convincinq reason that they have catered more cnergetically, more profitably, and more industriously to the wants of the public than all other compecrs. THEY SELL FOR CASH. With moncy on hand they are getting every iveck something new. They have made EITRAORDÏNARY purchase En SHks, Satins and Velvets. In all their twenty years expericnce il has never Ieore been their fortune to offer the public such bargains in Silks as tlwj do now. Mach f Schmid offer handsome Black Gros Grain Silks with which they are prepared to give a GUARANTF as to their purity and duraUUty. Pkices comme:ntce at 75 cexts and kunt up to $8.50! The JSc. qiuüibj can nowhcre bc bought undcr (fOc; the $1.00 qualitj for less than $f.S3; the$i.S5 qiialüy for less than 1.b5 and so on in proporlion. Ladies in want of fine Silks, at mercly nominal prices, that will not cut or iveir shiney should see these goods at once. Satins ílllíl YelvetS equally low. Maclc óf Schmid 's 81.10 Rieli French Dress Silks, in all the ncw shadcs, iè a surprise to cvcrybody; notlnng liüe ifc can be bought in anj of the other stores at less than $1.35! Don' l fooi avjay your moncy in buiing Silks t Veltets and Satins clscivlicre, hut SHOW YOUR WISDOM by making ymir purchascs at the Poitlar and Pkogrf.ssive Ojïe-Pkice Cash Store of Mack & Sciimi. JEFuJHll#J&i S"LiJ.e3í.J. L%Á31bJC'ÍL.L13í lady inWa8hteuw CouBtyb)' yard of Blark Clhmere mtil rthc hiu ftrst uccll tlit; reut Bargaiua wc are üllering in tlu-9ü detini' gooda. Tbttw woida are iiuinted, l.ut Lhey ure unly fat-tá. Black Bress Goods, Silk and Wool Brocades, and other Novcltitt Liipin's Bliick Thibet Shawls. Courtanld's Crapes. SPECIAL I3ATLCAIIV.S in Laclies' and Cliiltli-en's Underwear, Flannels, Ladies' Clotli and. I31anlLets. I OOR GLOÜK DEPARTMENT We continué to maintnin rair poe'tionjdnd rrputation ns the Koremost House in the ClW' Our a-soiiiiKiit of DOLMAN, JACKKTS :nl CI.O.VKS absulutely umqualid. and om pn" m'Tf rensonnble than they can be bought lor anywhere elso. Liadios are respectfullj requested to eai iy, when tlie store is not ko crowded with cuytoniers.


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