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A Voracious Eater

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A remarkable feat of eating and drinking againsl time is repon Hunganan preSs, and said to haye bees performed by a youthful Magyaher vesiding in Grosswardlen. Thi.s sur] ing trenchman luid awager, and ito liave won it wilii seyeral minutes and an omelette t spare, that he would befcween the hours oí 9:S0 1'. M. and midnight, devoüT the foUöwing co - it being clearlv undereod I should be a l'ul'l poríion oí öach áish in suooessicm', anj two oi whii-h portions may be estimated as oonstituting a heartyioeal for a full-grown adult I ed by tinturo with a lively appi Boast beef with paprika sauce and tatoes; a Viennese veal cntlet withj a üllet of veal with dumplings; grilled pork :unl pumpkin; hall a fowl fried in batter; bwbWé and squeak; a beeLsteak with poacbed e liveV; ealves' brains and kidu pickled -eal; stewed beef; a broi.ed e liver, and a fricasseed fowl with earrots. líe not only contrived to stow . all tbc articles enumerated in irehensive rneiiu, washing down with two quarts of beer, four '.itlea of oíd wíne, and thrée oí aerated water; bul wln'ii he had cleared tiiolast ot' bis appointed dishes .-dial then i iiii minutes tu 12 - he asked for a three-egg omelette, which vanished dowu hi-; throat beiorc tlie hour struck. Tho Hungsríaa State railways are ín all 1,11'.)] miles is lengtb, and they au income of bboul J per i per unnuni 011 tlio ca;ity.l iiivoslcd in thoni.


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