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The Party Wants No Boss

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T))P derwi'ion of John Kelly from the comptroilership of New York city is grstffyin? nevs ro every democrat onposed tobosseswithita the party. For future prosperity this iet augur well. Kelly's leadership in.Tammany gave him an Inflnehce, oonsideriug his ibilitv. that lie does not deserve, and which provèd fatal to the party in the mibematoria] canvassof 1S79. Treacl - ery on liis part by running for goveroor fcgainat Robinson and defeating him, ski demoralized the party that victory vrn.9 made possible to the enemy in the latp cauipaign. To Kelly and his Wind followers is due the fact that a majority of 60.000 in tho metropolis was reduced to 40,0(K), tTius losing the state, and consequently the national canvaas, His rnle or ruin pollcy has nearly rost us supremacy in its fieretofore citadel of powor. and the gooner he is deposed from the leadership of Tammany the better it will be hoth for that ancient organiztition and t'?p party ccenerally. The democmt'R a-tv winta no bons. It is capable of managing itself . Leaders it should and will have, hut when thoy prove basely treacherous as John Kelly has. they should be reduced to the ranks. Retribution at lasi hasovertakenhim. His alliea of 1879 turn to and help crown his disaster in '80. He is BPrved right. The democrat'c psirty wants no boss. Tlie publisher of this paper had no more to do with the leasing of the Cook house to Mr. Cobb, than to commend it, as in 'rs opinión to be. a good place for business. As to going to Detroit with the fftther of the lessee in connectio-n with its being leased, we went on mir business, the going togethor being pm-ely acoidental. All. statements to the contrary ave false. The extended notice in a certajn newapaper concerning the transaetion, is in most respects as false as very inany other statements that have appeared in its columns from time to time conceming the editor of this paper, which he lias heretofore regarded unworthy of notice. The custom is varied in this case only, becanse it relates to a third party, who is extracting sympathy from people by false statements, lts abuse, by the best people of this city is considerad as a compliment. What the English landlorda most fsared has already taken place- the extensión of the land agitation to England. The small farmers and agricultural laborera are, it is reported are, it ia reported, everywhere forming organizations for the enforeement of what is ealled the " Free land policy." At a meeting in Sussex recently a farmer demanded for his class the concession of tho riglit to acquire the land they hold at the end of a certain period of tenantry. It begins to look serious for the liolders of large estates all over the British Islands. In cvery country the policy of eonconstrating immense estates in the hands of one family has sooncr or later failed, and in Great Britain Lts evils have become so apparent that they cannot longer escape the serious attenünn of thoughtful persons. The lndian policy of Cari Schnrz has been a lamentable and stupendous failure. Schurz's ruscally agents have cheated the red men and ground them to the earth in most every manneï coneeivable. The Indians, driven to desperación by unfairtreatment, have been on the var patta the most of the time, and large numbers of innocent settlers - aaen, women and children- have heen butchered. X.i-.v comes theinformation that those of Victoria's braves who escaped death at the time the chief was sent to his last account, are committing horrible outrages and murders among the Mexicana. Meanwhile Schurz looks on complacently and talks about improving and civilizing the Indiana. Bchurz's policy has b3en a disgrace to the country. In looking around for a senator, let the legislatura remember that Mr. E.P. voice liiai'lJahftvm" n'öi; k'inMicy of speech that Bagley has not; a commanding figure that Oouger has not. If lie hasn't the dignity and respectability popularly accredited to the first, can not he acquire considerable between the ages of 41 and 03? If he hasn't the avoirdupois of the secoud, he at least weighs 190 pounds. If he hasn't tbe cheek of the latter, remember what he did at Jackson. ïhe Aiigüb gosa for Allon for senator. Justice Strong of the U. S. supreme court is anxious to have his successor appolnted. " Few die and none resign " does uot hold good in his case. It is thought to take his successor from the soath. ïhat is not a bad idea. It is not right tliat so important a section Bhould be ignorad as it has since 1860 been in the higho.jt judicial tribunal in the laad. For some time past the republicana have been claiming that Garfield reeeived a majority of the popular vote at the late election. The Chicago Times now comes to the front with a careful compilation of the votes and claims a popular majority for Hancock of 6,513. According to this estímate it seems the country is to havo auother minority president. The crops in Ireland are abundant this season. It is estimated that the potato yie'.d is equal tohalf a ton of the tubera to every man, woman and child on the i.sland. The erop of corn and other eereals ia also quite large. So that whatever rnay oceur In Ireland this wiater the people appear to be in no danger of starvation. Besides Mm. G&rfleld, reputed tobe as amiable as Mrs. Hayes, the donaestic portion of the white liouso will be peopled by Harvy aged 16, James 14, Irwin 10, Abram 8, Mollie 12. $50,000 per aunum ought to provide liberally for this largo family of growing children. It cost the republicana of Lenawee noarly $2,000 to run the late county campaigu. The expenditure of this large amouut showsarecklossness thatought to depose the chairman of the coimnittoö at the iirat opportunity. Last week New Haven, Conn., electcd a democratie mayor by a majority of 2,000 votes. All tho otlier democratie nominees ware also elected. And yet we are told by the republicana that the democratie party is dead!


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