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Only One Line To Detroit

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I Ion. Blrd S. Color, ex-controller of New York city, was in Detroit Thursday ou his way tO Ann Arbor. Mr. Ooler is Incidentally tnterested ín Michigan electrJc Une systemB and is w.-ll acquainted wiih the status of Üie business. Ti a reporter lie suhl: "We nave followed the devekmenta in the Everett-Moore tallure or tangte very carefully In New York. We cousidrr the niilway siuiation in Detroit and Michigan in an exceptionally aound condltion, dwJng to the opiortunitles presented tor doing business. Yciu have a tUickly populated sectiou, with enterprislng cltles and villages. the people of uiiich quickly see tbe advantagea offered by quick and cüeap communicatlon with eacli other. The tendency in the l'nrmation of new corporatlons, Includlng electric raiïways, s to eumlnate the wind feature- in other word. to let the oapttalfcation represent the money actuaHy toyested. in ihis way patrons reeelve the kweet mi es consistent wiih a reawmable return oü the Infvestment." . Mr. Coler waa conrereant with the projecl of W. A. Boland, of Grass Lake and New York. to construct an electric rallroad line from Detroit to ChkragO, and of the rumora that the Boland Interesta were endeavwlng to come to an understanding with the i Hawk-Aiifius people regardlng a consolldatlon, to prevent the necessity of the l'ornier building a parallel line li'iwiTii Detroit and Ann Arbor. ■[ was told on pretty good autlKfflty," said he, 'that the two interesta have at last t-oine together and that no parallel line wHl be constructed. the preeent Ietroit-Ann Arbor line formIng an Important link in the .Boland rallroad sysbem." Mr. ('nier would not. divuluc the auihuriiy for tiiis statement, but appeared to be quite certaln i lint it waa init'. .1. D. ll.iwks, c.f the Hawks-Angus line. was asked ii' tliere was any tnith in ihr n'imrt coming t rom 15. S. Coler, lh;il Botend .-nul his interesis ad ;it 1,-ist come together. s.-iicl lie: -ïhiir is int tnnli in il. X" m'Otiatlons are belng eonducted. We are going ubead with our project, and try !i,,i to give onrselves aodue publlclty. Xext Safurday mir Une bet ween JackS .ii and Air.i Ariinr will be opened. liiMi is the only legitímate plece of nous 1 !i.ic t" glve ynu." William A. Byland, the electrle raüway magnate, was in the city yesterday greeting tria Prienda and atfending the lecture of bis friend, Bird S. Ooler in the (ixnl Government oouree. Mr. Ooler ill s'ii(l Sonday with Mr. Boland a1 (ïray Gablee. Mr. Boland was geen by tlio Argus and asked aiboul the Intervlevf witli Mr. Color on iiic electric rall"way sitnatlon publlahed in tli I)(4roit l'rce Press. Mr. Boland sa ld Mr. (.'oler did not exaetly mean what tho interview st.-itcs. He said: 'l have nevwc had any negotlatlons as ti the sale of ruy road, and I wlll not Bell it. but I will build t. The work west of Jackson is well in band. Tbe road is grftded to Dexter and is practically completed exeept ballasting As soon as spring opens ivurk will be counnenced bet ween Ann Ar'bor and Dexter. I feel very sensiöve in doing for Ann AAor what 1 promteed its citizens."