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Once Is Enough To See

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Gustavo Dore's portrait of Daute in worth ■eeing - once. But once is enough. Soma Buch look you notice on the faces of those who have suffered, and stiü suffer, muoh physical pain; people subject to rheuuiatism , gout, neuralgia, periodic headaehe, lumbago, or pain f romsome oldlesiou. This pakihabit puU lts marks on them, as the oustom of handling ropes crooks a saüor's lingera; or as too muoh riding of a bicycle stampt a worried expression on certain faces. No . wonder people aid of the Italian poet as . hepassed along, "Xhere goes THE MAN WHO NEYER LAUQHS." Th oomplaints above named all yieW to the action of Benson's Porous Piasters, and quickly too. Not only those, but colds and coughs, kidney and liver affections, all congestiona and muscular strains, diseases of the chest, asthma and all ailments which are open to external treatment. It is frequently said that Benson's Piaster U Pain' Master. It cures when others are uot even able to relieve. For thirty years the leading external remedy. The old-style piasters, as well as salves, liniments, oils. etc, have little or no efficacy as compared with it. Use it. Trust it. Keep it in the house. Ask for Benson's Piaster ; take no other. All druggists, or we will prepay postage on any number ordered in tha United States on receipt of '25c. each. Seabury &, Johason, Ohemista, N.Y._