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The American people bate ev.M-y occasion to testlfy théir belief tuut ■Scbley is the real hero of Santiago, and the belief that he has been anfWtriy ireated by the pohticians s very wide-pread. Schley may wefl lesve h vindication to histury. Mnmps have been liavin fui! swing in Michigan iliis winti-T. Over 5fiW ■ have been reported lo Detroit Anu Arbor has nat been behfnd ;in(t there have been a large nnmtoer 't s mostly of a milti form and many Tv))i-h have ii"i even received medlcia! attenüon. In the ycar 18B9-1900 fchere vere 8,009 pupils studying for the mlftistry be theologlcal seminaries, 12,516 studying law in the law schools, --.751' stndylng medicine in the medical eols besides 1,900 studying homeopathj, 7,928 studying deutistry, 4,(UJ pnarmacy, 11,164 in thé nurse training scheols and öt2 in tlu veterinary #-hools, a total of 68,682 n rln-sc ■sfJbciols. "Senator Bays niilitin system is no good and shonkl be dispensad with. He declares tü;ii it' the l'nit! States is to 'be ;i w.tHd power, and iie te one of the men wlio started tbe coantry on his versión oï a wotíá ■. T, then wc musí ii.ivc :( standing ,y iarg enougb t do tbe business. lio jxiints ki England an(3 shows Uow íhe malilla Bystein tu-rc Iim broken down onder the demanda of the war in iSouth Ájfrlca i Ui two petty state s:iys Eiik1:ii1 is face í face with scription after the manner of that practlced In öie coattoental coun All thls belng Interpreted means, of se. that the Dnited States must 3'i.j v these examples. Tiius one by one lo the ugly shapes oí Lmperittlism thrust themselves before the Auicripeople. A nay too we must h.ivc i tiic manner of tlmt if Eugland anti likowise the attending expenses. The world power Imsincss in Phllippines luis already cosí us $:!iK),O(X),'O00 and rnatiy livcs ;uicl IIhtc are ■iity thousand of our young men in those ielands ïmw fighting and gacrificlng thelr livcs and for what! Why, of coürnc. the United Statea iniiy become a world power in the uixlwn or Fryp sense, lint such is tiltpriee we must pay for behtg that kind of a worll power. We have been m world power for years hi ;i broadeiand better sense in that tha( our iirincijilcs of human Uberty :uirt buman rijriiis ;is bclicvcii in ;hk( practlced by iir people and governmeml have fuund l}i'iiH'nt in the hearts of all men wlio irere -iTuggliiiír for H-berty. ín all there bas been little of nu' rifjlit might luit very much of the miglit )1" right. If all this is to reversed, we shall undoubtiHlly aed a larger standing army iluta we bave ever kept and prol)ahly the niilitia and the volunteer soldiere wout do and we sball ueed to resorr to conscriptlon aticr tlie manner of Uerinany. It'wc are in ic a world power in the sense o. forcing our ideas and rule on peoples wo must of uourse pay the Michigan electa a governor again tks The state is republican beyond questlon or cavil. Wlion the (HSgraceropublican caucases of two yearè ;:ü1 thc disgracefnl convention Is and trades and lavisli resulted in the nomtaagovernor with none of the tions needed by ;i great oxecue one woukl have had reason to eup; the repubHcau party waa ](K)ii)cii to deicat in tli mte ; bat time had he nol lui) exp . aacity ivith wUidi repu! votera Btiek to their party ticket. auehery of the elecforate was carrit'l 1,11 to BUCh an rrvtcnt :it the cuses iliat It must liare been pcrscnI known to almosl erery república]), ïét the ticket was elected by ,-:ü over' Imlng majority. The governor then elected lias been niedioority persputfled. We have flne hundrod man in Wasiii.'HMAV county ofbetter iaateiSal to li H the governor'a chalr. And i the governor tlms elected wil) la all probablltty be reaominated aiul reelected. In almost any othor state thls would not 'be the case. lf, for instance, Bllsa were running In repobllcan Ohio ho would be doomtnl to deEeat. They bave to nm nen of B Mgber caWbre there. OccalBany Uier can be found a repubMcan paper that kicks on the inevitable. The Hastlngs Btfnner is the most recent examplê and Ite indictment of (lovernor Uliss is more scathlng than any democratie paper lias writtea. TInBanner says: Nobody claims thai he has marked ability, Dobody claims that he m any way 'iniaincnrs the Wgh dfflee which hls ïurciiiiKs iioii'ht lor li in : nobody can t-laiiii that he lias done a single thlng to merlt a renoniinntion. On tne other hand tlie boodle that bougtri hlm tlic office, the buying of delegates llke so cattle, the selectton of "Tip" Alwood as hls campaign manager and "pap" dlspenser, the appointment of lüll Judson as state olí Inspector, are reasons fiiouKh wby he should nol be renomináted In the minde of hlonest peopte, who havo some regard and desirc for pure politics. A!i)ui the only ones in this state wlio are ctamorlng for the ïvnoiiiiiiati.ui of Qov. Bliss. are th'oee who are mentbers ol bhe l'.iiss machine and have good pulls al the pobMc "pap." Aini on whnt grounds do they clamor tot It? On the greund oi' brilliant Intellect? Xo. on the ground of statcsma'nlike abtlltlesV Xo. On .M-ouni óf a capable admlnlstratinn'.' Xo. On the ground tlial the "people demand ii ! tío. 1'hcii why ilo ilicy chimor fr it'r SImply hm account i' "party precedent." Stated plainly and frankly, slmply to cause Bílss boodle and the "iniiuciKM's" clátmed tu have been workLug tot Urn, bougnl "i Daacuses and es. wliii-li. Uis abilities (mental, nol Qnanclulj ccrald not attract, lic oufiht to be renomiiwted on the greund of "precedent." lf a man succeeds In bqpallng bis way into ofñcv througii buyintí delégate, and reirarding such dlsreputable po'litlclaus ,is r.iil Jodsou witli fat appolntments, "precedent" demande, so the Riiss hircl.iiiKs claim; that bc bc Indoreed a secxmd time tof mi oifioe bought with nioncy and proinises. With n good, dean, tapahle idmiulsü'atlon, where t'.ic oiBcial in questlon lias secured oföee Ihrongli abiiity, aöt-boodle, .nul lias i'iiily met the expectations of tin' people, there is n certaln torce iti askIng recognltlpn of "precedent." Hut wheu "precedent" demanda Ule indorsement f boodllng the sltuatlon is ehanged. aml that party is 'weak indeed that sanctions i. The Baniier luis just awakened w the onormlty of the greél state of Michigan being thus represeuted :inl lic does imt know the votere as wel! as we of the other porty vh have, to use a splang phrase, been up agalnsi it. He predicta tha1 the renoiaiBation Of I'.liss wil! mean tlrlVat OT ai least suc-h itrgely reduced repubUean majoritics that the republican eounty tickets in niany of tlic countics will lic lost. Kor lic siiys: '1Can it (the republican partj') afford to go before the people and decentty ak tor au Indorsemeni of au official teeming vitli the scent of purchased delegates and boodle packed cillli-llsesV"