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Came Back Armed With Dornicks

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Three uervy frainps went iuto the M. C. depot Thursday night and insisted ujnm eteeplng under the seats i u the waiting room. Baggagemau Wheek-r drove theui out. hut they gooi] veturiH'il aMned with dornicks and threatened to do up the night operatoi and ticket Beller. The cfflcers tnere scut for. Deyuty Sheriff Kelsey, Patroünan IsJjell and Detective Ptlül Schinnacher resixn4ed. The trampa played hide-and-seek witli offlcers in and around all that seetiou of Anu Arl.T. Ptnally, the oflSeers caught sirUt of the trio. Two of the 1ioIxks ran up Beakes street and üie other lïasteoed to the Northalde. Patrohnan Islxjll ordered them to stop hut he -wtis taJking to the vrind. Then the offieer pulled out 'his Kun and shot In the air hoping to frijihten them. It did. It was liko tyhiff ■ tin can to a lively cur. The tratnpfl flew all th+ f aster and vanished in the darkdess.