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Summer at the Shore and Slimmer in the Store. It Is sotnetimes remarked that the requirements of society entail as much hard work upon a woman as she mrald perfonn in office or in store. That may be true. The woman who dances the night through may travel more miles than are walked by the woman behind the counter. Her social obligations may be as exacting as business duties. But i'f he society woman dances all night, she can sleep all day. If her calis must be luly paid, she has her carriage in which o drive. She is not at the mercy of an alarm clock in the morning, or of store routine during the day. And, above all, after the round of winter gayeties, there's the sea shore for the summer, with its freedom and its health giving ocean breezes. The chances of health are all in favor of the girl that goes to the shore and all against the girl that stays in the store. SUMMER IN THK CITY is unendurable, says society with its luxurious surroundings. What must summer in a city store te ? At the best it is trying to nerves and temper. The long, languid days, the oppressive atmosphere, the monotonous round of duties are all trying. And vrhen to this is added womanly weakness, the condition is well-nigh unbearable. And yet it must be borne for money must be earned if Ufe is to be sustained. Every working woman owes it to herself to bring her physical health to the highest Standard of excellence- not only I because it increases her happiness, but also because it increases her earning capacity. It is a cruel fact that the floor walker lias, as a rule, no synipatliy with the backache and weakness which inrpel a woman to seek an occasional moment's rest for her aching back, if only by .. ing rigidly agaiast the shelvcs behind her. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription makes weak women strong and sick women well. Hundreds of thousands of women have testified to this fact. "I write a few lines to thank you for your advice and grand remedies, to which I owe my health, and perhaps my life," says Miss Flora I, Greer, of 107 Howe Street, Akron, Ohio. My troubles started during my childhood but did not prove serious until 1893, when I met with an accident caused by a horse running away. From that time I did not see a well day. I suffered at every monthly period with terrible headache, irritation of the spine and pains in my heels so I could not bear them resting on the softest pillow. What I suffered pen could never describe. I had soreness through my hips and ovaries all the time and constant backache. Was afraid to be alone, imagined that everyone hated me, and everything looked like a mountaln. One doctor would teil me one thing ailed me, another would say something altogether different, but they only relieved me. ihen wrote o you in April, 8gg, through the advice of a neigkbor, and followe yonr advice from April to July. I took five bottles of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and four of ' Golden Medical Discovery' and five vials of 'Pellets.' Hart not had a single symptom of my oíd trouble so far. Can sleep good nighta, work bard, and can eat solid and substanlial food without distress. There re aeveral of my friends taking yovur medicines with the best results sincethey have seen how they helped me." WORK JS PI.EASÜRE when you are well and strong ; you then go to work with the joy of doing. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription will males you strong ani well if your ailments are within the cotnpass of medicine to cure. It establishes regularity, dries the drain that weaken women, heals inflammationand ulceration, and cures female weakness. It cures headache, backache, ness and other consequences of womanly ills. It proraotes the appetite, soothes the nerves and induces refreshing sleep. "I feel it a duty t inform you that I had been a sufferer for many years from nervousness with. all it syniptoms and complicalions," writes Mrs. O. N. Fisher, of 1861 Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y. I was constantly going to see a physician or purchasing medicine for thi or that cornplaint as my troubles became unbearable. In the spring; of 1897 my husband induced me to try Dr. Pierce's Favorite scnption. After taking one bottle and following your advice I was so encouraged that I took five more bottles of ' Favorite Prescription ' and then I did not take any more for several weeks as I feit so much better, but still I was not completely cured. I commenced takingit again and feit that I was improving faster tban at first. I am not now cross and irritable, and I have a good color in my face ; have also gained about ten pounda in weight and one thousand pounds of comfort, for I am a new woman once more and your advice and your ' Favorite Prescription ' are the cause of it, coupled with the ' Pleasant Pellets,' which are not to be dispensed with. I took eight bottles of tbe ' Prescription ' the last time, making fourteen in all, and will not take any more unless you so advise, for I do not see as I ueed it. " I have told my friends how I was cured, and have been no httle surprised to learn how many of them used Dr. Pierce's Favorite l'reseription with grea benefit. I havo induced several to trj and have heard that they were mucü pleased with;." Sick women are invited to consult Dr. Pierce, by letter, fice. AU correspondence is held as strietly priate anf sacredly confldential. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, BufTalo, N. Y. There is no alcohol in "Favorite Prescription," and it is entirely free frotn opium, cocaine and other narcotics. Vis a pure vegetable preparation, and can not disagree with the most delicate constitution. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets clea the complexion and sweeten tht breath. "Favorite Prescription" has the testi mony of thousands of women to its complete cure of womanly diseases. Do nof accept an unknown and unproved sub stitute in its place. WOMEN WHO WORK will appreciate Dr. Pierce's gift of hij medical book, The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser. It contains ovei a thousand large pages, and is full oi helpful hints and information on topics of ylUl interest to every woman. Send ai one-cent stamps (to pay expense oi mailing only), for the book in papel covers, or 31 stamps for the cloth-bound volume. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.