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Cars Now Run To Jackson

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The tirsí car over the llawUs-Aii.mis ln from Anu Arbor arrived ai the ■orner of M-ikvaukee and Kast Maiu streeft In Jackson Sartirday i 11:45,1 iciniir Mine. the run beiBg ïu'ule in ; ,nc and nihiutes. SreryUiiug worBM smootliiy and nut i hitch oceurred, notwittostanding the act that tiio suii-stations at Chelsea tnd Lima Center are not yet in. and inly une rotary is in operatton at the Michigan Center station. The party on board the car was comtoaed oi J. Dl Hawks, president of the ■oad; F. E. .Merrill. tUe superlntend■nt: A. K. Jennings, .Messrs. Wallace ■ranküü. V. D. Steele. W. N. Sniitli nul W. (iritlith oí Westmghouse, . 'luiivli. Kerr t '■ who put in the lectrlca] appdïfetus; W. W. Wedemeyer oí Aim Arbor and Wm. K. Catapcll of ïpeHantl, who, by the way, lias he flrst ticket sokl over tlie line beween ypsllanti and Aun Arbor. Mayor Palmer oí Jackson and a leletratdon oí aldermen met the tlemen as they allghted from the car ind escorted them to the mayor'B office wbere he extended a hearty welcome to the Hawka-Angus line. He said iu jart: "It, affordfl me much pleasure as mayor of the City of JftCkson to congratnlate yon apon the completion ol' thls line, wliich marke an era In the progresa of the city. Jackson not onl.v a hearty welcome, bul also its besi wishes for the extensión of your Unes in and fpom tms city. we ivaldze Hiai the building of these electric lines means ïmn-li to our city. placing as it does a large population In close toiK-h willi us. This car marks the completion of une of the longesl electrlc Unes i" the state, and as I understand Lwospects of a ínm-li longer line m rear futnre. Therefore we most Ueartlly welcome you, knowlng you to be men of Indomfaïble energy and pluck. Wc can only exptese the est wish for the eariy eompletlon ot j your liiit's tu Langing and other ]MÍ]lts" .Mr. Rawks, In response to the welcohie, said he was not up in speechmaking, and ealled upon Hou. W. W. Wedemeyer of tiiis city. Mr. Wedemeyer sakl in Ws opinión Mr. Hawks had made tlu greatest speech when he sent tliis car up bere. lt was his pleagure, when deputy railmail commlssloner, to beoome aciiuainted with Mr. Hawks. and lic learned tiicn that he was uno of phe strong raflroad men of the state. He had mi Idea of making a Bpeech when he canie, in faci Mr. Hawks had toiú ii i in ttaere woutd be nothlng of the sort. He was glad to have this elecuic i-oad connectlng Aim Arbor and Jackson, and predicted that ii would Ik a pi-omineni tactor In bringing tho two i'itics into closer touch. At the roncliisi(in of Mr, Wedeneyer's remarkè the compaay uljourned ti the Hibbard House for dlnner. On tin reura tril) the car left Jackr son at 1:80 and the ïsiioi-s wcre accompanied as far as Graes Lake 'by Mayor Pahner and a iiuinlici of aldermen aiid citlzens f .tackson. The ear wliieh was usod is olie of the mediam-slzed green cars of the company, urn it is well c-quim1'! and comfortable In every way. The caire eommenced rutining reguiarly Sunday morning on the following schedule: TIME TABLK. Detroit, Mieh. Ja 19, 1902. On and atter this date cara wlll leave jacksoD golng t-ast at 6áK) :. m. and every two bouro 1 horca ft er nntil 10:00 . m. Grasa Lake 6:33 a. m. and every two hoon thereafter until 10:38 p. na. Leave Cfaelsea 7:10 a. m. and every two lioui-B tlieroafter until 11:10 p. m. Oars will leave Arm Arbor going west at 8:00 a. m. and erery two hour thereafter until 12:00 inidnight. Leave Ohelsea 8:45 . m. nntl every two hours thereafter until 12:36 uridnight Leave Graas Lake 0:20 a. m. and every two hours thereafter until 1:10 a. m. C:irs will meel at No. :'. siding. Thé company does not guarantee this sflicdulc but reserves tlie rig-bt to chiingo the time of any or all cara without nottee to the public. ('ars run on Detroit City time. Twti mecMvun-slzed care of the line have been placed on the Aun AiborJackson extensión west on Huron st. of the Aim Arbor erosslng (n thte city. Passengers will transfer at the crossng for the time being. The oompany has seven new large coaches which were bought for the Jaclrsoii-Detroit through buálness, and these will be put on as soon as the erossing proposition at Ann Arbor is dctermined so tliat cars "ui le run through to Detroit. The Hawks-AngUB cars run on Detroit city time. which it will bp weil to rcmomber is six minutes faster than Jacksoi) city ome and 28 minutes faster tnan standard timo. The woi-k of putting in the "Y" on tho Slpley lot on W. Baron street was eompleted last evenlng by lantem liidvt. The last rails were spiked clown and the bitr ears were atole to turn. 'i'liis work has been very difh'oult on account of the frozen condition of the ground. There will probably be a large traffic betTreen JacUon and Ann Arbor totlay.