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Presbyterian Pastor Praises Pe=ru=na (Ad)

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First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro, Ga., and Its Pastor and Elder.

The day was when men of prominence hesitated to give their testimonies to proprietary medicines for publication. This remains true today of most proprietary medicines. But Peruna has become so justly famous, its merits are known to so many people of high and low stations, that no one hesitates to see his name in print recommending Peruna.

A dignified representative of the Presbyterian church in the person of Rev. E. G. Smith does not hesitate to state publicly that he has used Peruna in his family and found it cured when other remedies failed.

Rev. E. G. Smith, pastor of the Presbyterian church of Greensboro, Ga., writes:

"Having used Peruna in my family for some time it gives me pleasure to testify to its true worth. My little boy seven years of age had been suffering for some time with catarrh of the lower bowels. Other remedies had failed, but after taking two bottles of Peruna the trouble almost entirely disappeared. For this special malady I consider it well nigh a specific. As a tonic for weak and worn out people it has few or no equals." REV. E. G. SMITH.

Mr. M. J. Rossman, a prominent merchant of Greensboro, Ga., and an elder in the Presbyterian church of that place, writes:

"For a long time I was troubled with catarrh of the kidneys and tried many remedies, all of which gave me no relief. Peruna was recommended to me by several friends, and after using a few bottles I am pleased to say that the long looked for relief was found and I am now enjoying better health than I had for years. It is certainly a grand medicine."M. J. Rossman.

Hon. S. D. McEnery, United States Senator from Louisiana, says the following in regard to Peruna:

The Peruna Medicine Co., Columbus, O.:

GentlemenPeruna is an excellent tonic. I have used it sufficiently to say that I believe it to be all that you claim for it.S. D. McEnery.

If you do not derive prompt and satisfactory results from the use of Peruna, write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a full statement of your case and he will be pleased to give you his valuable advice gratis.

Address Dr. Hartman, President of the Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, Ohio