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$40,000 Went To Saline Farmers

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The Saline creamery is an example of what can be accomplistied by good business management. It proves what luis of ten been saia, mat of the impartanee of ha ving a toroathnuuled, ui-to-kit careful 'business man et liead of creamerics, eheese iactories, -aiming fai-tories, etc. The Saline stofkholUers ?an congratúlate bhemeelvee In having suoh a man in Siipwrisor Ira E. Wood, and also in sut an ext-ellent butet in the person of Mr. Sweezey. At the State Daliymen's association, held in ing recently, the Saline creamery was gtven the iiig-hest awardi tfor choice creamery butler, it berng a fine gol-d wateh vhk-h goes to the butter maker. In the four years that the company Iws been run, great jmproyeriients have been made to the plant and in ,illifion the company pakl -a fiv per cenl dividend last fall. Durlng the p;iKt. year the fattory reoelved 4,191,-894 pounde af mllk, whih ehurned 19i,717 poundé of butter, vrhieh sold at an arverag prlce of i'n cents a pound or about $40,000. Of ihis sum $32,948.93 v,is pnid to patrons and $4,408.08 to iandler. The four Iai-gs1 iwcorde made ly ■iis'l.mTS wci-c: Arba Hunl. 90,476 Winde of niük. tot wWeh he ree dved $756.07; J. E. Wootl. 63,992 pounds, $5.70.48; Oharlea Graf, rú.i:;; pound $482.77; Q. B. [sbeH, 46,665 pönnds, $412.51. The ivcrajíe Vlail.v iucoi, ni-ilk during the year .was H.ijhi pounds. . ,