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Theiv aire a few tMngs in the world vhi-h seem to grovp better tire uiore aften thry :nv put iuto service. OhOcoliiticrcs. ;is uow in Ing c-otiducted by thé Women's Auxilia jy of ru V. M. '. A., betoog apparently tu tbis closs, for One gtven cm Sativrday tast at tibe hoiue of Airs. Win. Goodyear, n S. U'ndversity avenue, 9eemed to iiave been au even more eajoyable event th;m ih.' preoeding ones, eroellnt as tli.-y wen'. Th' perfed lay Witlï the brlgbtness aiui visor of early spring sunshlne, the beautifji) new house tistily dcoratd with petrkrtic embleins nul plcturea otf .Martha and Geoiige Waslhington, the Ittdiee aud mahls wao waited ipon tbc company, togeflber with the dfgrdfled liltlf door-' keeper atith-ed In apprprlate costumeg, th memcnV of great men and thr aebievements Por t in nmklng of a great naitkm, all comtHiied to inspire within the hjearts of aeariy 200 kulifs present thoughts arad feeüugs ï.luil u-Duld lift the most lieavily i.iir den-ed hi.n-n above the wearyïng liumdruin of lifi' and rcmiü-d ilifUi thal in th'emsBl-ves as ucil were aleanen-fö of true greatnesa and gemikre nobiUty. M.iii.v were pi-cscin for the Barst time and like iiiw'i-s before tbem wwe chaitiied by the sp cial iiuiriiiins. Hiere was au phere in whirh soctol tatercourse was -uil easy ;unl natural. Sp thanks are due aH tbe ladfee h In verious ways bare asaisted in malvtog tbese aftei'Doon receptions 80 suicessful. Nearly $50 hare been realizej mwards the purc"hase of the new piano for .iic v. ,i. e. a. Tiic nest ami rounh ehocolatfere" wlll be giTen b.v Mts. John Bnrg, who is to devote all the :it ri-acl huis of her maguiflcenlt home mi il iii street t Une dellghtlng dl' her gueets. I5e date tiaa been set for vednesday, March S, and abcrat aH) in tat'ions ivill le Issued.