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To Leave It To Arbitration

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The case of WilHana H. Bishop, faih er, vs. Wiliiaiu 8. Btobop, eon, will )e srttled by arhitration instead of drag gring tueir ddfferenees tliroug-h the courts. The%partiefl live in Augusta. The father ieased his farm to the son anl this Ieae terminales in Api-il. llf Uiousht the son was selling off the live stock at too a-aipid a i-dt and síH-ured an injunetiín restradníng bim ft-om doing tmything furthter in thi line. Tlie mm carne back at him w-!th a counter injuiK-tioii enjoining the farth er froin molesüng in any way the sraan oi" $926 wlmh was the Inrarance mooey cadlected on tbe dwelllng bouae. The kou wHntéfd hia Interest in ihis ]i!')]icy detérmined by tlie court.' iloinlay was the I;it? set for hearing these injuii.-fioiis ;n;(! i.,th parties came pnepared ro fig-bt it out but upoo the adviri' &f frlends tlioy decidid to beave the entir matter to three trators and book the ear for in :i qiïite fricndly mood.