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Settlement Of The Braman Estate

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James Braman of the townsbip oí M&neheeter, who died isn Detroit last week, bequeathed the use of bis propf-vty u his wXe, Aun Braman, d'uriiig her natural life, ant alter ber deatih, for the care and support of her dauglier, iMarki Braman, au incompetent erm, to be used under tihe direction of his daugbter, Mrs. Irene Stovens. Vftcr Uhe death of -bis daughter, Maria traman, liis bod, John Braman, of MoirtK-alm couaty, shaJl receive 1150. The residue of the estáte aflter uhe "condltlone are iulölled shall bo livitlf! eqitaJly between his; oblldren, eorg Braman, Atary Aun, Mary Ann Allen. Jhn Hfenry Bnaavan, riñes (Braanan, Haanpiet Oooper, Chíis. ïraiiian. i 'liarles Foor, Aitce IloriïunK uil Irene Stevens, ghare and sitare Hke. -lrs. Irene Sievens s appointcü ■i ciitrix. rhe estáte is esithnated at v4.ixl. The uil) is d-.ited Jan. 12, 1897, nd wltneased 'ty inna-au HyiKtninn nd 3. W;. Welhvood.