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No Longer A Combination

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ïho o!' the Ann Arbor I'rintmg ('.. rif Ube Axgus, Ai"giis-Deinow;if. and Sesatinel-Oommerdal baving termitiated, the 'Demoerat Publislhing Co. is nowcoiitiiuiiitg tibese papexe aa iiefoa-e tJkir lease to the Aun Arbor Prhüiiig Oo. Tlir.r liare ininrhu wtl uil back atlVrti6dmg anfl wibeerlption accounts on theso pai)t]-s and wfïï continue their ]Klify of iiiakins tho Ixsst lo:-al paperis In the state. The eirculatiou of these papera terger Wian ever before. For iniaiici'. hhe DalJy Argns now prints 2,350 papers every iay to flll lts subscriptiion IM-gts. Auy advfrtiscr desirtag to veriffy iIh-sc figures ví;i be given an oppontunlty to cto bo a1 the office. In iliis eoonectloo ii may be saul tliai ilic Aun Arbor Printing Co.'is gotog out of Mie r newspapere ani! ha offered Cor sale its papera, Counter-Register and Wasluenaw TOmes, and liiils tbeir purctoase il! bé reeeived up fa Ye). 28. In tbe meantime fliee papers wiM be iirintiii leader a eontract wit'i the Aiwi I'i-ininm ('o. at fhe ArgTlS office and will be lcept up to tlieiiUBoal excedln1 siandanl. ïbis oLfei' toréale sivea newaper uu-n an excellent opportunáty to parchase a sood newspaper property. lhe Daily A.rgus ami lts two weektiea are oxrt Cor Ttoe Aun Irintin? Co. alo offers for salf the plato. oopjrigtrtB, etc., of iíh: cötebrated Dr. Mi Recipe book, pofllcy t dlvoroe Bhe publiahilag bustoeöB froia Uhelr job priotSiig plant, wthlob is one of tli e i csii equlppedln toe state.