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Expect To Make Very Fast Time

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President .1. l. H.-iwks of the Eïawlcs-Angiré syndicate was in Grand Km puls the oiIht dar making arrangemrr.i for the extensión i ttrlc line tn Muskegon. Mr. Hawks ikl it is the eompany's iutentiOH eventwally to have a thrugh line l'ruin to Detroit, a disi;üiir of l'ii miles via (raad K;i)uils. Sunfleld. (ïrand Ledge, Lansing, Miisnii and .l.icksiin. 'i'his will be the longesi stretch of eleotric line lu tlie ■As soijii .-is snow is off the ground i'.ir survey -11 be eompleted, and untlcr favorable coDiiítipns ii is posible thai the throuirli cleetric line trom Muskegpn to Detroit will be open for business tliis year. At the same patio of raie oharged from Detroit to Jtiekson. the line will carry iasaengers from Detroit, to Grand Kapjds for $2.05, which is luit üttle more tlijui h;ilf tfhe.pate enarged by the nülroads. in tnne. aeeording t" the Detroit, Anti Arliiii-. Ypsilanti & Jackson lint scfbednle, there will be a dlffsarenee of three huiirs in the trip coinpared with the Pere Marquette sehedule and tesa man fcwo hours ddfferemce between the scheilule of the time inaile by any irt'lier route trom Grand Rápida to Detroit.