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Blood Disease Cured

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vl If yo ever con tractedany Blood or Private Disease. yon .,"ver lafè antM tiJej' M virus or poiiou has been eradicated from tiie system.' Dou't satisii-d wilh atH J "patchup"lv me family doctor. Otr New Mtfiotl fa Ouur-ani.ccc! to JÍJ y Car or Ho Pay. tfR.No dames t'scd wlih..ut;i coi.uat. {1 tCurecl When all Eïse Failcd -.1 "Conld I live my early liie vr r. tHL tesllinonial woulil ucs bel&S ntcesary, thouRU I was domore siafi;l than thousanrii rfiAaerHB yonng men. Early indiscretions, later excetsi'y. ' 9$ coutaifious diseases all helped to breakdown my av : Ifj Icommenced to realize my conditlon lwasalaot frntc. ro--tor IJn! alter doctor treated mebut only pr.--vc ;c relief- not a cure. Kat J3 Sprintra helped me, but dia notcure r;e. T; always Efl returned. Meri-nry and Potasli drovc Uic ;■. ison lato my c. stï.u 1MM instead of dririnpr it out. I bless the dr. jrocr Kew Method ffa -. Treatment was recorameodod to me. I iavèstifjated ' were first. and fiudingyou had over 5 years experieiice ml f ispontible financiaüy. I jravo jou my case neder : -'- nH You cnred me permaneatïy, and ir six vars tl:ere has not ".ea a 5Sp iore, paiu, tilceror cu; oiíier syiuutor.1 oL the h'.ood dlseaae." fii 26 Ytsrs in Oetroit. 250,000 Cured. M. A. CONLE ■ H We treat aud cure Vaficnceie, Blood Polson, Ncrvou Debiüiy, Sjtrictun 1 Empotency, Secret Dralns, Kidney and Bladder Uiieases. Svj B Canagltttiaft Frat. Qutstian Blank for Homo Trtttment (ad Books frc. ■' 4 3 DRS. KENNEDY & KERGAN, Ls 148 6HELBT STBEET. DETHO1T, ttSIClï. ,■.