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Mi-s. Jacob Piiul of Scio is seriousJy 8be is 79 yeans of age. 'l'-iif regalar monthly iíaccabee tea will be given Tlnvrsday eveuing. w. W. Goodyear expecbs to opeïi his new store 011 Saturday morning. A very important meeting öf the A. O. Ü. W. wlll be lu-kl on the evenlag f Feb. 27. Judge Kiooe has given a deewe of divoree in the oase of Asadle] P. Newb vs. il ten M. Newcomb. The Epworth League social at the M. E. church mi l-'nclay evning W8 itcinlt'd and was a vitv t-njoyabte affair. The raaiiy friciuls of Mrs. E. Itoehm of Chicago wíl! be son-y to bear of the af son. 1. mus Roehin, wülch Oücurrcd Feb. 21. Mi-s. .T. Stevenson, of W. Hurón street, ed Sunday moruiag after a lioi-r Uïness. The rcmains were laken :;ifl]ih. OnV for iilcrincni. Eugene JVI6tx?hell lias accepted -ilion iliv carpe departmen) of !'ai'!rili;i' & l'.tackufll. Deü'Odt, aml assiiraea bis new duties ou Thursday. iUsho]i. i lie íldi-isl. lias m.uI 25,000 tíaglish viotets iliis season'. He ex[ects t have 26,000 morie reaüy for ttoe m'arkrt w'ithiii tbe oext three froefcs. A very successful opeuaiÜOD was jerfrméd on the infanit son of A. W. firown ait the homooiwitíiio hospitiil -Sa'tiirday. Dr. Deas Siniih did the work. M. B. VVallaiv. one of Hhá ploceere '.( MaiK"h.sti'. can count on,!y 14 per-.uiik no"' 'lis n'rí wlió weit reeldeaits oí rtve Ttltage vrhen lie removed ttoere ta 1 863. Rwv. J. B. Meister f Preedom has rt'cemKi a cali to preach In Dexter In "Hace oí Ilev. Louis Koeibing, w(ho will ftmovc to Kansas on arfnnin nf his : ;l!tll. Aid. .Teuiney -"I don'it beltev ;hat Mayor Owpekmd is more ihan o'ue lialí' a íivvor of tbe ordánainee Uk grade st-peia'íition as ii was preOetnted bo ilic BOtHücd]." Gaspar RAosey was abfte to attead tibe íunera'l oí his wifc Saturday aiul fes to exbeitd his ihanks to thc Ís for thcir kindiicss in liis afflictiott. Jolm Ca'Ui'pbell has sold his faran mear ilooreville aud puPcfliased bhfe -liilü's ifaa-m, ano half iiiile soutíi ioay Oeek, aitd will move on it sJioi'tly. Miss Augusta Atlaiushcck delightfully cntertalned tho Cresoeut clu-b AlouJay eveiiing, at her home on iMlller avenne. Iight refreahments were serred. 'Hie Aun Arbor Jlusfic Co. have out bilis announcing their concert ïor the benefit of the iMaoea'bee piano :iiil.. The cooeert will be given ia -ea. Xavier Lerg, who ihas been il! for some tiane willh pneumonra, iied last teturday, aged 46 years. Tlhe funwl was held at 8 o'cloek Tuesday from St. Ttamas" lehuroh. The remains were tolcen to Ioseo and will be interred, ia the fajailj" lot j a ■■ I Rev. H. O. BeM. of the Northsid dhuncfh, preaidhed a im toterestlng a tul Sttetpfiü sermón at Trinity IUthexan f[iurc'b 'at Wie morulag service last Suiiiüiv. H is uhem-e (was "L'hrixt a Helper." The inu'Iic -are invited to Tappen 'Hall this eveniog at. 8 o Vloek to attenti the exercises celébrátlng the lOOth anniversary of the birfh of Viotor Hugo, ilie program is publiwhed in a nother column. A country with all the attra.0 tions belonging to sueh an event. wttil ! g-ive-n durimg the latter par: of Mardh oindei" t'he auspit-es f tihe A'omen's I.Oiigiie anü thi AthDetic as.sot'iation. At a meeting of the C. K. fc L. of A.. held Moaday. 0ÍTB. Mary Maas as eleeted delégate to tike natiooa! c-onvention -wihiclh wiW be hhl iu Detroit in May. beginniiu; on tbe -7th. at Uuswell I101M' Rev. Mr. Nimio gave the first of a series of lectores on "tlie Exodus" SdiulaV evenirur. The .-ulijcri ivas "The Mummies of Bgypt." H was a very ntwestiiii;' talk and was lüghly apiweclaitea by tbe eoiigregratíon The Stephen Hadley estatte oí l.yna hii-li lia iipcn hi litjgation ' 1 tilie rir.-u'ü (vmt as Momlay amii-ably sf'.ilfd. ad tüe i!l wlll be probate. ('avanaujih & WcHL-mycr feprew the heirs a ui A. .1. Sawj-er & Sou fclie esta .ii-s. Philip ioiir. of Packard sti-eet. ilicil Moinlay. aged 77 yrars. Slir was daugbter 't' Philip and Barbara üarii. wan (vere t-aiiy settlei's (r 'Krci'ili ni. 'l'lir run ral was held W'ciluesüaj' i'roni the residtiiw, Kri. N'lckia s officia t nu. Dr. W. I!. Htosdale and Dr. W. A. I t-w ,y were called to JDearboam EVid'ay to t'xainint' a patiënt wtth refereuce to her sauiiy. Tbey went by order f the probate eomrl otf Ntasou county, ander svttiose juriöiction the case came. Au-iln-w A l'.mwiH'. son oí fche la-te Mrs. ( ;.-iylcy-I'.n n. aas been apnoiuted asstetamt professor of engineering and superintendent of shops at I. -'land Stanfopd l'niversity Mr. Brown w-as a student in the CJ. of M. dnrinu' Clie yeara 1889-91. After all that has liecu s.iid and Titten a bout the magniticent vesper services giren erery Tucsday and 'l'lmi-sday afternown at 4:H In ('1:iversity hall, there are still niany m the City who df uit undiTsiand Ihal every mu' is inviteU to abtend. Director Stanley Has prepared fine musical programs, whirh shomld ratee f he enthusiasin oí every om These exercises are Cree and the last rcognit ion ihai ean be glven of the services oí Da-ector Stanley and the soloists aml ehorus is that of atending. Louis Roehm, son of Geo. üoehni. of this -ity. died in Chicago on Friday. The reinains witc tinni.ulit to eil. Miniilay and w.Mv interred n i he íaniily lot ni Fores) llill céuietei-y. A .short burla! Service was coaduct4l at bhe grave by rhe Rev. Mr. NicUWs. .Mr. Polj GartíO Anlian. oí Míe I'hilippines, spewi Saturday and Sunday in city wiih tus Filipino fiiende. Se :s mi t'xii'iiMYi' ii-avi'Ücr. hving 'isIted peanly every state in tlie unión. lie expects i" give lectnros m his trarels when he reiurns to bis lióme. Word canic AloniiiM fl'Oin Leo Hackbartfli, who lias beeu ratesins Cor two yeiars, tihal lie te a oiember Bhe f Plie I . S. S. Illinois and tiiat lic wil! simu visii herè on o Furloug'h. The [Hirools wil I go to England foi1 i.hc naa! clteplay ai che coroutlon ii g. The dclivriy wagon of Ilrusd lns. Miinday tii]cd over in i'nmi of Ji hnsiin's hgrber shop on x. University avenue, and bread was soáittered !n everj i e started OD S. State 9treel and r.-in arinind tüc ih'ihü1. 'llie driver, who ñas rhi-owu mu. was aqM njured. The hi.iíli school oKatorJoal euntt, wluch wiii be hvld on March 28, ente-íes have closed. There are ' contcst.-iiit-s. Of this iminl-r two ;ire gh'Is. Mr. Pearce, win won second place last yt'ar and is nou pnesideot Otf Til Senior chiss. and Miss Kulllmeyer are thie geojera1! Cavorltes. 10d. C. .Mingay of Toronlto, Ont, twother of Toni W'. Mingay of tilie C'helsea flera'ld, at one iinie a llnojtype operator on the Times, dled Saturday iiioi-ninfr. 'Feb. 2J. aged 40 years. Mr. Mingay liad inaii.v 1'riends in Aun Ar bor, who will regret to leai-n of his ii'.'aili. whirh was quite sudden. Mi". Charles Scln-oeii. v' Outting. l;e.ver V d.. reí iirncd Salurday i'nmi a liusines trip to New STork. Whiie in Bhe nivti-onaiis he selected no'!ii.s. llO tnade afi-a'iiaeinents bo handle the eelelu-aii-d AH'i'ed l'.enjaiiiin & Oo.'S iine of Ctottltog. Tliey ai-e top aotóhers in the art oí' ti tic elothiog. Those Ihat have llot (direhased sea - son tickets for the Ohorail l'nini sllll an opportimlty oí enjoylng seven i-oiieerts for the same prive tJiat tlnv will liave to pay 'for tlie iive May festival i-oucci'is. libere are a nuiuber il' reserves! sats nol vet taken, which au be seoured at tte seerttai-y's office it the Ciüver.sity St-hool of .Muisc. School OouuiiissUmer E)aber and lOvaiitinirse Hoppe and Oartmauglb 3atllPday eoninieiu-ed the exainlnatioiis fir eiiíiith grade eertíflcatee. it will ■ oaocluded rhis afteraoom. There at-e - i-ainlid-ates present wüo iuv üiking .heir osamituiitions in the supervfsors and Cöuncil rooms. Those nwt pass will receivc a diploiiia entitliiiir tnem t. enter any high sdhool in LMiehigan. Tbe papero eoaitaining the nisweals will be potrsonaJly eïamioed and plaaaed upon by the oomniis.sJaners auil íjaatínei's. It Is reported tJiat &n interi oocking niaiii took piare Saturday eveuimg at whii-H eighi batttes were fímslit i jv local biixls. a . ratlier largi crawd fc'ftnessed Che siort. Th-e repratíiriiHi oí -the local biixls lid uot smffei u good figlvttag (lu.ilitirs. Conslder aWe toaey öbauged bands, parties winning and Ipslng as !;-li as Y( The folPowiag new lyooks .have been recehel at the High school library: n[xleon, Tlie Iast Püase, Iyord Rose!x"itj', Life öf Robert Louis 6tevesftsou, Thv ■Spfuiisii-Amcrican War. by Gem. Russen A. Alger, AutobiograpUy of a .lountfilist by Stillmau, The Gospel f Wealth by Audrew Carnegie, Lazarre by Mar.v Haitwell ;atlierV"OJ. in Che townahlp of Briilgewater Bliree tiwrl'ling' house-, and oiie tarn Imvv ix'ea öestrdbred by tii"e withiu the )asi. si ycars. and -il 1 1 on iiiljoiiiiug farms. In Anglist, 'mí. a dwelüng on Che Scnneertug ftu-n. Jwly, '07. one on the Henry Breltenwiseher farm, Sfiirt. ''.is. a lani uil Jacob Wal.' farm. a lid Saiturday. Feb. 15, Wie dweBlpg ou tUe Willia'm KinlmrssiitT ttum. Robwt Burne rainvuy mitiliu ck'j'k on ilif Alm Arboi' rail' ro.'ul. ;iik1 Miss Xiira ('. Lwckwocd if M:.i;i. wen1 üiari'icil Friilay atK r■ii 4:3(1 oiclocl; ai üïe psirfwHiage of 'l'i-iiiity !■: n.ü 1 ; - ii Lnthemn chiin-li. Rev. V. I.. 'L'tMh'ou ottiriaii'il. Thc:ir ruturt' Uoiiic will be in Milan. R-here iliry wil! mmedkitely oecnpy a home fiirnisdied by Mr. Mcl.achiaii. eopy Cor tbe acw belepbone lir.'.-n.ry g almost ivaily for the priutei"S. As I LS a work t hal is cHist,i ut ly ■■fri-rcd id iiotii i) citiaeaa and stUiingWS and slums ulin 1 lic peopre tre s lm can be reacbed by caite (not bowowers) ii should be as ooroeci as K!ssii]c. 36erefore everf oma interiSbéd n si ciiiii th'.-M tlifir namcs. busiut-ss. (-[■.. are ooiTeet, s-huuld cali at iiv tc!ciiiiiic offlee and look ovei' the oopy. iTis-s Marie Manu. of Lawremce street, was surprised Mondey by scven of her littlc friends. il bei nu 1 he eceasiim of lu-r .-esenth birthday. Games r all kinds uere püayed but lroliably the must enjoyabk of all was ;i Jack Horner pie. fnnn Whkfe ea'h linie glrl drew a souvenir. A dainty BUpper was sercd aud each ohild reeei'.cd a bos oí pink bonbons ■is a fa vin'. The birthday will be long rcniembered both by the Ifttle hostess and her .ü'ue.sts. Tlie tirsl social ihat liie class of 03 lias giren staice their emtnamcë in the rilliversity irninises to be a moslt eiijov ,-ilile fu1u.1l.T011. Crau.m'i's academy Ikis Úeen secured ftw the evenfag nul the Obequaottegon's uil! give a ■epeiitioti of iiic "J" iiip nmaic, "'hii-h made sueh a liii ttoe oíther oögüirt. Araiiii'viiicins 'have been mode t serre ibundairt refire&hmenits aml a large uiiH-ii bowl vvüll be Uept well Ulied w i 1 1 1 fcbe usual dass-sooial beverage, Mr,. gave a delightfvfl "I 'oiïri'-KIiisch" u a UWUber oi' her l'rifiwls i lasi Vh1iics(I;i y afteniooii. The house was ilai'ki'in-d aml Uhe sdfl üLtiii. ui' c.-i nili'-s alone Hhmiluod ihv i'oouis. Uhe i;i:liis sfciit the afteraooo wiih bhelr knirriim in brae Germán Cashion. A swppef was served by Mrs. Bookev whic-li consisiril i-iiiircly ui' lüslu-s uiiirh alle bad li'.i riH'il to prepare in (.enii.iiiy. Il was a clMlF)niltg alïair. hcarlily eiijoyed hy all ui' rln ■ lailies present. ()n Sauinlay evenlag last Johti Ryan, l1:; W. Wasbington Estreet, was ;iurei-:i!i' SÜTpi B5ed Hy ai la and neigbbors, ai ils home, S23 W. Wasliinirion si reet. wlm mere;y ■■iii-wpinil in" axxampanled by all tlie ueressary ]iaraphei'naüa for a social aml general xond time. Progressie jiedro was one ei' I ae fea' ares, the hlgib hoiuMs beiiïg captureti by Mr. aml Mrs. lii'iieri C. l'.anies of Miller avenue.. A bouiitiful lepal was servcd, and the gnests lfalgered till i h" "n er sina' lunirs." boetors aml studente o"t (Jhe 'i opathic d'ii i-1 inent had t;he gOOd forlune l''riday bo wüiiessa aapital operabloii by Dr. Jffmes C. Wood otf Cleveland, pixxfeasor of gyioaecology, in th Cleveland hameopathlc collfjie. president OÍ tille Allicriean IüsUtute of iloiuei.patiiy. mud Pormeriy professor of gynaecoJogy iiere. Dr. Wood, betng in fche eity on lnisiness. aml to visit the new Ihoapital of tlie luHii(xiKithi'C departnieat, very kindly eonsented to opérate before tlie classes, nnn-h to the sat ist'.-ietiixi of all tluse 'h wei'e formnaie eaaagh to be presem.