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British Flag On The 22nd

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Vt'. Wenley ba neen busy explalning why it was that a British fia? was floated in front of his home siiK-e Kryan was in Ann Arbor. He is known to be extremely rroBrltlsh on the Boei' question and has publU'ly exppessed himself os to the rights of Bngland in Oom Paui's country. When Bryan was here Saturday to address rhe law students tihe one svntimerrt rhat caught the crowd was a referenee to the Boer -war. "After t-wo yeai-s of fighting wifii an euormoiis exjenditure oí blood and money," said the orator, "Eligían! has n. i vet conquered tJie Bwts. and I pray to God that aihe uever will." This clini:i set tlie T'niversity hall linglng. A flor the address in iho hall it was aotlced that (be Hritish euslgn Boated to rhf breeze in froat Of his house. Those vii had seen the English eol(irs CeM siire that it was .1 MeLaurinWenley reply to a Tiüninn-Rryan challenge. And then the .liossip spread all over college. VT'hen Prof. Wenley was èalled up ']i1imic iwhi.-h l'roii) his ioiK' ■ i mncli safer Khan ;i vis-;i-rl8 interview), ho said sti-nily: ■Vho says that ir means a repty to Bryan? Talk m tlie campus: WeH, the fael i 1 do not kirow what Bryan sai.l whether it was good, liad or indifferent. 1 letft Ann Arbor Kmlay and was tectiwing in Toronto ai the same time Mr. Bryan was leeturing here, and I have uot even read what d. You're another reporter who lias ealled me up, and 1 want to !atc that my chüdreii wan-ted to put .1 flag ui in fróni "' the house 011 Washinglon's liii-thday and t!i' ooe they faund was the Kn.iilisli flag." A British Has on Washingtön's birth i Ann Arbor. IinonuTtiity. Dld the ehlldren et spankqd? ■-