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Real Estate Transfers

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Anthony  C. duggan and wife to Daniel M. Sutton, Ann Arbor. $1,700.

Jane T. Finley to Harrison Fairchild and wife, Ypsilanti, $1,600.

Huron Valley Building & Loan Association to Samuel Baylis, Ann Arbor, $500.

Christian Martin et al. to William J. Ninde, Saline, $1,075.

John W. Beck to Charles M. Buchler, Ann Arbor, $1.

Herschell Goodspeed and wife to Fred A. Hartford, Ypsilanti, $200.

Charles Buehler and wife to John W. Beck Ann Arbor, $1.

John W. Beck  to Charles  Buehler Ann Arbor, $1.

Alfred G Huston to Sara E. Huston, Ypsilanti,$1.

Jessie Graham to Willam Henry York, $200.

A.J. Sawyer and wife to Fred sawyer and wife, Ann Arbor. $1874

Mary Tea , et al. to Geo. C. Foreman, Salem $950.

Sarah E Huston to Alfred G. Huston and wife, Ypsilanti. $1

Auditor General to Archibald McNicol, Scio, $7.55.

Archibald McNicol and wife to Wolverine Land Co.,Scio, $10

John George Lutz. jr.. and Frederick Schmid, Ann Arbor, $625.

Miranda A. Lukins to Mary J. Harris, Ann Arbor, $1

Orton M. Kelsey to Aaron C. Kelsey, York, $400.

Manly Holbrook and wife to Giles J. Holbrook. Ypsilanti. $1.

Manly Holbrook and wife to Mary A. Rogers. Ypsilanti, $1.

Charlotte D. Finley et al. to Anna G. Watteles, Scio, $6,000.

Charlotte D. Finley et al. to Anna G. Wattetes, Scio, $6,000.

Frances Finley et al. to Anna C. Wattles, Scio, $6,000.

Aaron B. Fullerton to David M. Jacobs, Augusta, $2,560.

Margaretta Feldkamp to Johanna C. Feldkamp, Freedom, $1.

Margaretta Feldkamp to Johanna C. Feldkamp, Freedom. $1.

Margaretta Feldkamp to Johanna C. Feldkamp, Freedom, $1.

Charles W. Mansfield and wife to Charles O. Barnes and wife, Ypsilanti, $1.

Alonzo Welch and wife to Henry A. Welch, Manchester, $2,750.

Patrick Quinn and wife to Mary Hewitt, Ypsilanti, $1.

Christian Martin and wife to Frederick G. Radke, Ann Arbor. $975.

Mary E. Hewlett to Edward A. Ward, Sylvan and Sharon, $800.

Wilfred .J. Lovelace to Geo. E. Roberts, Salem, $1,200.