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Real Estate Transfers

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Anthony ('. Daggan and w'ife to Daniel M. Botton, Ann Arlxir. $1.700. Jani T. Finley to Harrison l'nirchikl , and.wife. ïpsllaotl, $1,600L Hiiron Valley HutUlinjr Bc Loan Association lo Samuel Baylls, Ann Arlor, $500. Ohristian Martin ft al. to W'üliam J. Ninde, Saline, $1,075. John W. Bock to ■Charles M. Buehlep, Ann Arixn-, L1. Herscuell Gxxlsped and Tvife to Fred A. Hartford, ïpstlanti, S2Ó0. Charles Bnehier and wife tú John W. H,vk. Aun Arfoor, $1. W. Beck " Charles M. B Aun Arbor, $1. .1 ;. ilusión io Sara K. Huston, Viisü.inti. si. ,,, to Wllllam Henry. Vork, J200. -A. .1. Sawyer and wiiv saw (e, ;:n Arbor. $3 Mary Tea , al. t Geo. C. Foiinap, Sarali EL Huston to Alfretl G. H ivife, r-psilanti. Si. Auditor Concrai to Archibald M'N o, ST.55. Archibald JstöNicol and v?ñverine íAná Co., a john eorge l.utz. jr.. and Frederick SchmW, Aun Arbor, $625. Mii;inl.-i A. Luliins to M.-iry .1. Harrls, Aun Arbor, $1 Orion M. Kelaey to Aaron C. K York. $-hX. Maoly Holhrook and wlfe to Giles J. Holhvook. Yiwilami. $1. Manly Holbrook and wife to lary A. Rogéis. Ypsilanti. $1. Charlotte D. Finley et al. to Anna G. . Seto, $,000. Charlotte D. Finley et al. to Anna G. Wattetes, Seto, $6,000. Francés Finley et al. to Ann.i C. Wattles, 'Se-, $6,000. Aaron B. Fullertou to David M. Jacobs, Augusta, $2.5öO. Margaretta Feldkamp to Johanna C. Feldkamp. Freedom, $1, Margaretta Feldkamp to Johanna C. Feldkamp. Freedom. $1. Margaretta Feldkamp to Johanna C. FeWkamp, Freedom, $1. Charles W. Mansñeld and veife to Charles O. Barnes and wife, Ypsilauti, $1. Alonzo Welch and wife to Henry A. Weleh, Manchester, 2.750. I'atviok Quinn and wife to Mary Hewitt, Ypsilanti. $1. Christian Martin and wife to Frederíck O. Radke, Ánn Arbor. S975. Mary E. Hewlett to Edward A. Ward, Sylvan and Sliaron. .800. Wilfred .T. Lovelace to Géo. E. RobCTts, Salem, $1,200.