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Says His Horses Were Worth $500

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San ford Oasler has brought suit awainst the I)., Y., A. A. & X electric railroad eompany 'tot $500 dainagas, aMeged to have acerued to liim beeause of losing two hórsea of the yalue of r.oo througii the telling of a high tensión wire, owni'd by the eompany, upon them on MarcH 28 last. John Shadord, thitiugh his attornoys. A. J. Sawyer & 'Sou, also brings sult aLrainst the road to enforce them to pay a judgnient of .$8,260, which was rendered by the circuit court. Shadford was au employé who was paralyzed by falling fi-om a derrick of the eompány while engaged in constructing the line on Packard street T.his case has been in the courts for some time, the iudgment having been given som time ago. The D., Y., A. A. & J. people, it is claimed, have tried to get out of "paying on the ground that when Shadford was hurt he was not working for the iseople who now own the road, although they afterwards boug'ht it.