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Sudden Departure Of Mrs. F. Weinman

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Mis. . Fredricka Weinman disappeared froni the lióme óf her daughter, Mis. Oilvej Albro, on Lincoln avenue, on Friday evening and has not been seen since. It is supposed that she Btarted to visit a daughter, who dives Ín Waterford, near Pontiac. She was restless during the early part of the niglit and unable to sleep. She got up and dressed herselí at about three o'clock in the morning and started on her journey. She has been traced as far as the Whiting farm on the Ypsilanti road, where she stopped for foreakfast. She told the people at this place that she was going to Pontiac on the electric car. She took the first car which passed and that Is the last trace that has been found of her. Mrs. Weinman Ís seventy years oid and is quite lame, not being able to walk except with great difflculty. She la unable to speak English and her daughter is fearful that she was not able to make herself understood in making iuquiries when changing cars in Detroit, and has been carried to some other point than tie one which she desired to reach. Mr. Albro has telephoned to all points where Mrs. Weinman is likely to have' stopped without being ablé to lócate her so far.