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Milan Had A Gasoline Fire

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Milán, Mich., July 29.- The hg nine will play i game of base ba With tbe Whittaker nine at Whittake this afternoon. iMiss Grace Luxton is engaged t teaeh the Town line school, east o Milan, this fall. Mrs. Hall, of Ypsilanti, spent Saturdny and Sunday with Mrs. L. Clark. Mrs. O. P. Neweomb is quite 111. There are flve cases of typhoid fever on Wabash street. George Edwards, C. Kelsey and D. Enstlick are taking an outing at Crystal lak e. Prof. and Mrs. Warren Babcock, of the M. A. C, Lansing, are visiting Milan relatives for a few days. Prof. ar.d Mrs. James Clark, of Frankfort, are the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Knight. Little Maurine Miller left the last of the week for Cadillac, where she will visit her grandmother a few days. A narrow escape from flre at Postmaster Pullen's residence on County street, Thursday evening, caused -quite an excitement for a few moments. In soine unknown way the valve of a gasoline stove was turned on and the gastfline had run from the tank over :he stove and floor, when one of the daughters lighted a match in the kitchen and an explosión followed. The flames ran up the side of the wall, jurned a curta in, cracked the glass n the window and burne-d the window BüL Through prompt efforts and grea't presence of mind the fiamos were extinguished and the house saved. No one was burned but it was a narrow escape. The Milan people are hoping for a dry day Aug. 5. They are anticipating a great day in Milan on that date. Atorney W. J. Schuenight gave Detroit a business cali the last of the week. Mrs. Allee Trussell and daughter Gladys returned Saturday evening from their visit at Belding. Mesdames Wh'aley and Dyke were called to see their brother, Mr. Veely, who is very ill east of Milan. iMrs. E. F. Pyle gave un elegant llttle tea 'Sáturtlay afternoon to & few friends in bonor of her sister, tMrs. McMjirry, of .Niágara Falls, who has been her guest for a few weeks. Mr. W. H. Bowman, of Hamburg, is the new compositor on the Jlilan Leader. Mr. Claud Chapin has returned from 'his Detroit sojourn. Mrs. A. Mclntyre, of 'Moorville, gav hor .Milán fi-ionds a cali Saturday after noon. Died, July 20, Mr. Robert Roj-a of ïiarnlysis. He was 58 years old au leaferes a wifo, a father and fou ters to mourn his loss. The f topt plaqe at the house ïhur day. Messrs. John and George Stéfflle Sinulay. Mrs. M. Offtrañder returaed Sunda with her childrcn from a two week outing with ï-elatives In Shepard.