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Malaria Is Due Next Month On Account Of All The Rain

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An epidemie of malaria seems likely 0 be added to the list of iMs wliieli may be traced directly or indirectly to he long-lcontinued ralos. Physielans ïave every summer more or less troule with the disease, and while tkis ummer, so f ar, bas not been out of the rdinary, it seenis to be the generally ccepted opinión that the disease will e whlespread when the season Is a ïttle more advanced. "Tbis extremely wet weather wUl vory naturaWy lead up to malariaJ troubles," said a well known physioian. "If we have much hot weather with the ground as wet and soaked as it is, there is no doubt that the air will soon be full of disease 'germs. In many of the cases I have treated this summer 1 have had to combat malaria. "I don't know that there is any way in which on can avoid. malaria altogether, exeept by the use of Lansfield's Blood, Lïver and Kidney Cure, a medicine th'at will clear the blood, keep the livor and kidneys in proper working order, and buMd up the system. I know of no medicine that witi] keep one's system free from malaria as Lansfield's will do, because it is, made of roots, barks and buds. It is manufactured by a reliable and trustworthy firm, the Harry R. Lansfleld Medical Co., 128 Lafayette avenue, Detroit. "It is caused chiefly by inhaling infeoted air; but we must brea the. It is probable that strong, vigorous persons Trill not be affected at all, while others whose systems are in a poor condition will show malarial poisoning. "Malarial poisoning is not always shown by chüls and' fever. It often appears in other ind'ications."