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Blood Poison

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Íi3 Ca account of its terrible effects, blood dlsease Is called the king of all dieeases. L3 m It may bo either hereditary or coatracted; so while It may not be a crime to have IW 171 the disease, it is a crlmo to permit it to remaln ia the system. It may manifest lM Uf itself in the form of Scrofula, Eczema, rheumatic paius, stiff or swolten joints, UU ■ ttchineasof thoskin, eruptions of blotches, ulcersln the moutli or on the tong-ue, ■ tB sore throat, falling out of hair, disorfered stomacli, and a general depressioo of ■ Tn the system. If you have any of these Bvmptoms don't neflect yoarself , You have Tri IÍ3 no time to lose. Beware of "otd fo?y" treatment- beware of mineral poisons- IQ M beware of Quacks and Fakirs. OUIÍ SEW MtHPHOD TRBATMBNT fl f is juarauteed tocura this disease, never to return. Bank Bonrls will protectycu. fJ LjOur treatment ioot in juriou in any wav, but reaches the very root of the disease Hj f and elimlnates all poison f rom the system. The symptoms of diseaso prajually ir A Ikldisappear. The blood b.xcmes pure and enrlclied, the whole system is cleansed SR audpuriSed, and the patiënt feels prepared anew for the dutiea and the pleasures RH Hof f. CüliES GO&BAKXBCO OR O PAÏ. S Years in ■ Hl Detroit. 250,000 Cured. M Uy CousuHaiion Free. Quesiioa Blank for Home Treatmen! and Books Free. US Drs.KENNEDY&KLÍIGANÍ Oor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby 8t., Detroit, Aleta. J,