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r- g m SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY REFUNDED L :M -fjfcm , O NEVER HAD SUCH A 2 Kffljt-I ín CHANCE TO SAVE MONEY ' íw I II 1 w e oss s e e story f a p a"j y 1 ilNl J& J sea, lightened to insure its own satety and x "7 TfP jT" , I 9 preserve its future usefulness. TheJetsam ♦ H I I I? an Slotsom #o to you in períect x "iTj P 0Q a araos nothing. y ' ' v ! 235 WOMEN'S SUIT5 in summer fabricsand medium L ) fall weights are to be thrown overboard this week. . ! 60 WOMEN'S SU1TS bought for our regular stock, S every one with our ízuarantee for satisfactorv wear back of them, materials all first class, ) tailoring perfect, Jackets alí éi Ík lined - Suíts for which you have been paying us CA q slO, S12 and S15, are now nów in one class, marked '- 100 WOMEN'S FINEST MADE SUITS, in which the Z w Bkill of America's best artists is effectiVely displayed styïeë the most catchy, m ateríais N tlie most popular, colora the most correct. These suits you can buy now with a eerA taintv that thevvill be in vögue the coming fall. At HALF PRICE l Suits worth ' $25 $30 $40 $50 $60 now prked $12 $15 $20 $25 $30 v - - ■ o jBeautifulWashDresses m f Organdíes, Lawns, Pique, Broun Linen, Mercenzed Chambray, á! (+ Prices Cut Squarely in Two ' ♦ 15 ORGANDIE DRESSES, flounce and lace trimmed 8 I f V ' muy now be purchased for half that sum s'y 'S il il $8 50 LAWiN DRESSES and pronounced bargains M at that price, made with thrée flounces put on with graduated SJm I S effect, all edged with lace, fancy waist elegantly trimmed C e ttV Jsfj' with lace. A bargain to be appreciated at rt $ __-i--v" LINEN BATISTE DRESSE5 trimmed with Persian bands in very f stylish effects, the first price was ,s5.00, and were well worth it, with two month's (C c. 4 wear ahead this season, you should not miss one at p --'" $5.00 LINEN DRESSES trimmed with heavy wide torchon lace are other excellent offerings at 1 pi.O WASH DRESSES in Lawn and Chambray in fancy and plain materials worth $4.50 and $4.00, now $2.25 and $2.00 - " ' ' ■■-■■- - H ■■ „i.,, i,, 4l SILKandCOTTONWAISTS j' 0UR EXTIRE STOCK OF yi wj - % Beautiful White Lawn f aistsj UL 4 ' $5 00 SILK WAISTS, Black and Colored $3-95 Ps WASH SKIRTS j White Pique, Linen Chambray, Crash-Duck and covert y Jj 5o Cents on the Dollar BASEMENT BARGAINS Jf Hammock Reduction V Prices Good Until Every Ham S-wÖf V mocK Is Sold. esapg?" 75c Hammocks for 56c $1.25 Hammocks for 85c Lv 1.50 Hamraocks for $1.12 $2.00 Hammocks for $1.50 J 3.00 Hammocks for $2.35 J3.25 Hammocks for. . $2.65 f BOHEniAN QLASS VASES For this Week SATURDAY Only 50c Fancy Vasos in tfaree different ghapes - beautifully decorated in gold, 12 inches high C- will be sold Saturday, this weck for ......... '. 5v LÖANS, INSURANCE, REAL ESTÁTE, 2nd FLOOR WASHTENAW FAIR, SEPT. 9, 10, 11 and 12. ESTABUSHEO 1857