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For Other Purposes Was In The Bill

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City Attorney Sawyer and Mayor Copeland assured the councl] Monday that the permit in the $40,000 bonding bilí fi use the money "for other purposes" was an error in printing the Wil, whlch was not diseovered until after they had retumed to Ann Arbor after they had unsnccessfully urged the governor to slgn tne bilL Then Mr. Sawyer said he telegraphed Mr. Wliifciker to withdraw i lie bilí f rom tlio governor and it was withdrawn. It mightbe well to have gome otlier testimony on tliis point. Represeutative Whltaker, who Introduced the bill Timl(r the assiuiiption tha t it was what the city wanted, as it was sont np to iiim trom bere, was asked over tlie telephone about Uiis clause. Without knowing what Mr. Sawyer had said Mr. Whitaker replied that when the 'uil! eame before the house committee, Bome mombers objeeted to it on the ground that not only could the money ie used for paying overdrafts but "for )uier purposes." Representatlve Wliitiker told tlie committee that he would iust as soon they would strike that out. But Chairman Monroe said tlio i%o]ile at Ann Arbor must know what hey wantod botter than the people in Lanslng and they had better leave it n.t Representative Whitaker ta reply to i fnrther qnery said that the day after he bil! had been withdrawn from tlie fovernor he got a telegram from Mr. Sawyer asklng him to have the bill withdrawn.