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Jumped Into Huron River

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Miss Emilia Weller eommitted su elde by jumping into ttie Iluron rlve Sunday niiit. Slie is the young woma who attempted to d.o the same ms act last weck and was rescued befor she reached tlio rlver. Sunday nigh she was more Buceessful, bul eve tlicn came near being prevented. About 7 o'elock, v.iicii Aii MeCollun a moulder living on the nortb sitie wa coming iicrciss (hc fooi bridge at Ui dam lic saw a womfui jump uto tli river. He got within a few feet o her wlicn slic jumped. She left he boa on the bank. He notifled the ofl eors and searching parties were on 011 the river Tor soiue hours, luit faile to lind any body. At aboul 9 o'cloc a. m. Monday. Oifieers Kelseyand Wai ren. in a boat, rescued the body, vvhic was about fonr fee) under the watei caufjht againsi the old pilea a4 tli Broadway bridge. She wns full. dressed in black elotliing wJtb a bln eap, Imt with no Mat or furs. Th body was taken to Marttn'B andertak ing roi Miss Weller s ,■; Bridgewater gir who has been visiting her sister. Min Martin Noli, of 523 N. Main streel fo a fow weeks. Slie left an order a Stark's livery Snnda.v night to havi trnnk taken to the south-bound traii on the Aim Arhor Monday. as sh was going hom man called for the tiimk Mi it was not given to hini as he was told tliat Miss Weller had left house Sunday evening and had no! retun She was (lic daughter of Michael Weller, a erspectable farmer who lives on Section 1. Bi'idgewater, a niile west of Bridgewater station. She has been in poor healtli, although a strong, well developed and licaltliy looking girl. About four years ago she became violently Insane and at tliat time was taken to the Dearborn retreat, vrhere she rcMiiainéd about four weeks. Sho was about ■_''.! years of age. It is altogether likely iliat she committed suicide in a témpora rv ti; of insanity. Coronel' Watts impaucled a jury ponsisting of John R. Miner, Harrison l'.all. M. .1. .Martin. O. M. Kelsoy. Krank Warren and George Ilaviland.