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An Inventive Farmer

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Whitmore l.ake. .7;m. 30. Genius is uol always found in our elües. Neithvr are ;ill mechanica] ideas pul Into practical use by practical uiechanics na we wil] demónstrate. Timotliy l'ohoy. a pluiii. every-day farmer, conceived the idea thai potatoes could be grown frotn year to yèar withoul replantirig and he in liHx got seed pótatoes uhirh he placed n a basket and put in his cellar. The potatoes grew and smal] potatoes grew out ui' the old seed, the old mie retaining its vltality In 1901 the same seed was used in the same way and próduced new potatoes. He repeated bis experiment in 1002 with good results, new potatoes growing out of the seed whicli he used tol' three seasons. .Mr. l'olie.v liso last year was short of hel]) in otiito planting time and to overeóme lus obstacle he put lus brains t. work ind fitting his groiuid took a ilow and borse and fui-rowed il out to h-op the seed potatoes into. Ile tnen onstructed i stone-boat with a bos ipon it to hold In bushels of seed poatoes. He loadcd his seed liitched Iiis lorse to the lioat and stai'teil the lowu the t'uiTow. he riding and dropilng the seed in front of tlie boat and lehind the horse, and dropping the in Hishels of seed in tWO llOÜrs. This ■ar he has made an attaehiüent to litch behind the stone boat wlüeh ■overa the seed and levéis ■( the irrounu as be goes. Mr. Fohey also advisps me i lia t : years ago lic made and usod the first iiiipLcnu-iii lor sprayng potatoes three rows al wlth parisgreen and since th s.-iys. scores of devicea have been made and pul n uiarkei oueentration of mimi. Mr. Fohey was liowing uur eitizens, yestei-day, a ampie of Iiis three years' growtl of nitat(Ms t'fuui the "id seed which he kis nanii'd the New ('ciiiui1: lii-lus Rorabacher, who lias llved 11 'oledo for past seven years, has eturued to WWtmore Lake and gone iitu the liorse training business, lic as built line and convenieutly apK)inted stalilcs and is dolng a godd ir.sincss. Mr. Rorabacher is an ixcrt in bis lino and wc bespeuk for tn g t success. 'I'licy sa.v railroad and eouipaniea iave no simis, ,,r whieh we are in doubt for no sooner did the Toledo Ice Co. petition for a cold wave than down dropped tho thermometer and today it is as coM as blixen and tlie Ice men have smiles both childish and bland. The uppointment of Chas. L. Rane as deputy sheriff gives genera] Batiafaction here. Mr. Rane wlll perform the dutics off the office fearlesaly and Impartially.