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of New V-uk. late surgeou in the I'iwiiltMi'; Medical Dlspensnry of Netr York City, i)ii ui !l Kiiowu and suc111 sji.-ri,ilist, will visil ANX ARBOR, SATUttDAY, FEU. 21, 1903 Conultatdoii free aod Miiüdenttal at the OOOK HOUSE, fronj 9 a. in. to (i p. in. One day only. DR. FRUTH Th Mnet DoliaKIo ani successful speo of all Chronic, Nervous, Skin and Blood diseases of every nature upon the latest scientific principies, has visited the neig-h towna since 1890. cures the cases he undertakes and refuses a fee from the Incurables. This is why he omtinues his visits year after year, wbile other .pesialista I have made a few visits and cease to return. ; Ha Dar+iriilarlir invites all wboee cases nc rarucuiany have been neecied, badly treated or pronounced incurable. Patients wño are doingr well under the care of their owu physicians need notcall on us, as our province is to treat those whocaa not find relief otberwise. Nomoney required of responsible par Lies to cum menee treatment. rr prM4k throuph years of experience ha? UT. I ruill perfectedthemost.infalliblemethod oicurinffalldiseaseand weaknessesi-f,youthful follies and alleffects of abuses and excesses, improperlife and soiitary habits which ruin boib. mind and body, unfittingr for business, study, sccietv or raarriajfe. A perfect restoration guaranteed" under leffal contract in writinff, backed up by abundaot capital to holdfor ray promise. It costa no more to employ an expert than w risk yourlüe with an inexperieuced phyMcian. Iülcr Pur aI1 curable caaes of Catarrh, SISO VUre Eyej Ear) Nosej Throat. Luns, : Lirer, Kidney, Heart, Stomaich, Bowels, Bladder ! and Skin Diseases by a treatment that has never 1 faüed in thousands of cases that have been pro nounced beyoad hope. Fvfri Pa of Piles, Fístula, Rupture and L.VCI y VaaC Varicoceie Knaranteed cured without detention from business. Sexiuil weakness, Sjphilis, Goaorrhcea and stricture a spec ialty. Pomarkahlo f"lir Perfected in old cases Hemanvduie vures which have nefir. lected or unskillfully treatpd. No experiments or faiiures. Parties treated by mail or express, but personal cunsultation is preferred. Pommhor Daf o( Come 'arly tVCmCmDer ldie as parlorsare always crowded. A friendly cali ma; save you future suffering: it has made life anew to thousands who had been pronounced beyond hope. Bring sample of your urine, for examinat ion. Reference: Drexel State Bank. D, O. FRUTH, M. D., 145 Oakwood Boul., Chicago! IIL