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Lindenschmitt & Apfel

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I .nn.Ml.i,niWwWWw.M,lnin.WwWwtt,,,t, jHeWhoConquersPrejiidicej % ís a great man and participates in many benefits that are ' ' : denied toan obstinate prejudiced person. ' Stein = Biock SMART CLOTHES , Are daily dissipating prejudice from reasonable men's ','. '. minds against Ready-to-wear Clothes. If you who read . this imagine that only yonr tailor can give satisfactory '.', ' apparel, come to us, and after seeing, trying on, and ■ ' wo ! Stein=Block Clothes! 1 You will be freed from a prejudice that has cost you t i ' much needless expenditure in the past. There are soné ',', ' tailors who can make-to-measure as good asjStein-Block ',', I; ] '' Ready-to-wear, but they are forced to charge you more i! felj! : ; than doublé the price of Stein-Block Smart Clothes with NjEi' ' out giving you one jot more style, more service or more ! ' intiinsic valué than you'll find in the ' i' ! STEIN-BLOGK SMART SUITS and OVERCOATS i! 'W : LXJ.XJ..I. . ■--.. ■.---..................!