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Argus-democrat, Ann Arbor, Mich

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j READ THE- = 1 Mricf B ihoroS íihoprínfifin ílffor Fuor MqHq Ifiudl LIUCI di èülldyEpiiUi! Uilöl LffGI ifldSJo BY SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT WE ARE ENABLED TO OFFER, ■i For 3 Shnrí Timf OnlV A Handsome Set of Five Books and a Year's Membership in the American Musical Assocíatíon, BOTH I rU1 ú OUmi imiC mill ABSCLUTELY FREE, to nev subscríbers and subscribers renewinsr theír subscnptions to ANN ARBOR ARGUS=DEMOCRAT READ THE TITLES GggjÊ 7 Jote the Prominení Authors Set No. l. Popular Fiction Set No. 3. Poetic Masterpieces Set No. 5. For Boys Black Rock Ralph Connor Longf ello w's Poema H . W. Longf ellow Llttle Lame Pri rvce Miss Mulock Three Men Ín a Boat Jerome K. Jerome Holmes' Poema Oliver W. Holmes Try Again Oliver Optic Elizabeth and Her Germán Garden Whittier's Poema J. G. Whittier Water Bables Charles Kinpsley House of the Wolf Stanley J. Weyman Lucilo Owen Meredith Rollo i n London Jacob Abbott Sign of the Four Cunan Doyle The Princesa. Alfred Tennyson Talea from Shakespeare C. and M. Lamb Set No. 2. Standard Classics Set No. 4. For Girls Set No. 6. Religous Lorna Doone R. D. Blackmore Black Bea.uty Anna Sewall Plljrlm's Progresa John Bunyan John Halifax Miss Mulock Flower Fables Louisa M. Alcott Imitation of Christ Thomas a Kempis Sketch Book Washington Irving La.ddie, and Miss Toosie's Misslon Kept for the Master's Use. . .F. R. Havergal The Sca.rlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Daily Food for Christians Autocrat of the Bre&kfast-Table L'ncío Tom's Czv.bin . . Harriet Beecher Stowe Pa.ra.dise Lost John Milton No More Liberal Offer Was Ever Presented to the Public Tho books alone wouid cost you $1:25. They are printed from j - new, perfect platea, on good quahty of book paper, and are bound I in strong o'.otli starnpsd with a beautiful design in attractive colora, and the popular vocal and instrumental music published in twelve f Ieuccessiva issues of Oonkey's HomO Journal, if purchased in sheet music form, would cost you $600. éüÉ% t%i% ' A Year's Subscription to ann arbor rgus-democrat - $1.00 An ll11 WE A Year's Subscription to COME Y'S HOME JOURNAL 50 L.: : :' Jk W I OFFER A Year's Membership in the AMERICAN MUSICAL ASSOCIATIOK.... 1.00 Ijl i itf tf YOU A Set of ANY FIVE BOOKS frcm the above List of 30 Titles 1.25 W mm 5 A Tota5 VaSuation of $9.75 , ASI for $.00 nc' I1WI"C víwui nat au Up-to-Date Pnttern D of Music. The home departmeats are all co icles and short stori; OPIE READ MADAME PATTI LAND0N KNI6HT EBS 0RD 3 STANLEY WATEEL00 '.AB.AU GRAKD Senator CHAUHCEY DEPEW L. SIEGFiïlED MAUD HOWARD PETEKSON ,ELL CAEWEN SYLVA, Queen of FBEDK. E. SÏEVLSS0N MARY J. STAFÍ0KD IKVING BATCHELL0E ïtoumania OUIDA FLORENCE HULL WINTERBÜRN JACK 10ND0N HENEY IRVING D0DGE ELLA WH3EIER WILC0X Senator A. J. BEVERIDGE FRANK SPEARMAN 0N0T0 WATANNA COÜNTESS OF WARWICK The Department of Music contains each month a song, waltz or two-step for the piano or organ and practical lessons in piano playing )f and vocal trainiug by eminent Cliicago teachers. The nevvest and best features are continually added and improved and Hiere will be many features in Coukey's Home Jourual tiiis year that can not be noted in advance. It will always be one of the best. -, Thí Afülíríríin IVIiicÍpaI Ascnfítilirtn as a membership of over 50,000. !The object of the Association is to furnish , „ Mie ftlütriLdn IViUbILdi AS.SUUat5On ts members 8beet musi fou ingtrucüon books and evey variety. of musical of PaPer literatiire at discounts ranging from 51 to 90 per cent. For 24 cents extra we will send you a copy of the American Musical ciation's catalogue, which lists over 40,000 titles of standard classical and popular vocnl and instrumental selections, all of which ese subject to imraeuse discounts when purchased from the Association. The catalogue also contains a list of about 5,000 pieces which are sold postpaid to members for onlv 0 cents per copy. The catalogue lists a new and magnificent line of pianos, . organs, violius, mandolins and other musical instruments. The regular price of a membership in the American Musical enclose u Association is 81.00, but by special arrangement it is given free with the above offer. The Association publishes in each with $ for a issue of Conkey's Home Journal a complete list of titles of new, up-to-date music, which may be obtained from the Association year's subscription at less than half the regular price. Ue ARGUS-DEMOCRAT rjjrS Ia the Oldest and Leadmg Local Weekly in Southern Michigan years membership in the American Musical Association Now Is the Time to Take Advantage of This Wonderful Offer rcïSiN„yr."hebook' For It wlH be withdra.wn as soort as our stock of books Is exhausted. .. SAMPLE SETS OF THE BOOKS MAY BE SEEN AT THIS OFFICE. Ncime Street City ■ Ij