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Making And Curing Dimples

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A pretty. llfellke dlmple can be mad to appeur ou a lady's eheek by mean of a speclally deslgned knife wlth a Tery small and very sharp blade, t dalntily tiny. kee.- edged, silvertrd coop and a very fine needle. A small, straight Incisión Is first made In the flesh. The llttle scoop Is tben used to remove a small portion of the underlylng fat, while the sewlng together with the needle the edges of th eut completes the operation. ín a da m two the stitches are taken out, wltUÍn a week the wound being usually entlrely healed, lea ving the becoming llïtle depressiou iu the surface of the skin that is ca lied a dimple. It is not o?ten that a woman desires the removal of a natural dimple, but occasionally a man who considers the mark to be a badge of effeminacy desiree to get rid of it Instead of removing the superüuous fat from beneath the surface a small portion of the skiii is cut away. The edges of the dimple are drawn together witb ■titches, the Incisión heals and the de yression disappears.