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The Awful Peril Of The Miner's Daily Life

The Awful Peril Of The Miner's Daily Life image
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ífTwÉ ÜUTi" rePors the mine inspectors' bureau of the state reí? ■ Penllsylvania show that during the past decade I ${y Rr the average yearly fatalities in the anthracite coal Ö-:. mines were 437 and that for the year 1901 there iLiL Were '484 fatal and 1,256 nonfatal accidents. THIS MEANS THAT FOR EVERY 119,000 TONS OF COAL BROUGHT TO THE SURFACE ONE PERSON IS KILLED AND MORE THAN TWO ARE SERIOUSLY INJURED. IT MEANS THAT FOR EACH DAY THE MINES ARE IN OPERATION MORE THAN TWO PERSONS' LIVES ARE SACRIFICED AND MORE THAN FIVE PERSONS ARE INJURED. Indeed, it is a matter of record that EIG1IÏ TIMES AS MANY MEN AXD BOYS ARE KILLED AND INJURED ANNUALLY IN THE ANTHRACITE COAL MINES OF PENNSYLVANIA AS WERE KILLED AND WOUNDKD EROM THE AMERICAN RANKS IN THE SPANISH-AMERICAN ' WAR IN CUBA.