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Immense Power Plant Planned For The Huron

Immense Power Plant Planned For The Huron image
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Dam Will Be Built to Raise Level of All Lakes Emptying Into River


A Big Scheme Said to be Contemplated by Chicago Capitalists--Will Furnish Electric Power--Prof. L.E. Cooley Consulting Engineer


A quiet, unassuming gentleman, about sixty years of age, dropped into Ann Arbor Monday with so little fuss and feathers that but very few knew of his presence and yet his visit may mean more to the city and this vicinity that anything that has been broached here for a long time.

H. B. Alexander, of Chicago, was the gentleman and he is the representative of a syndicate which has in contemplation the installing of an immense power plant at some point on the Huron river. The plans of the syndicate were not fully developed by Mr. Alexander, but it is probable that the rapid extension of electric railways in different directions about this is one of the things that has attracted the attention of the capitalists and that the generation of electrical power will be the chief business of the company.

Mr. Alexander said that if the scheme proved feasible the company would build an immense dam that would raise the level of all the lakes in the northwestern part of the county, that have their outlet in the Huron, thus producing a reservoir which would provide storage capacity that would leave no chance for a lack of power during dry seasons.

His visit here at this time was for the purpose of securing a surveyor and making arrangements for having a survey of the lake region made. Prof. Lyman E. Cooley, of Chicago, is said to be the Consulting engineer of the syndicate.