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Grocers Discuss Telephone Question

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The meeting of the Grocers and Butchers' association W.ednesday was one of the most enthusiastic social sessions they have had. About forty were present and every man talked on some subject pertinent to the interests of the association. The new telephone system was warmly discussed and will probably come up for definite decision at the next meeting. A committee was appointed to push the dead-beat book, which will be in the hands of the printer next Tuesday, and in the hands of the association as soon as it can be gotten out. Many applications have been sent in for the books from dealers outside of the association and there is no doubt that every business man in Ann Arbor will ultimately possess one. The association will not hold another meeting until the book is out. These meetings are doing more to bring the business men together in a social way than anything that has been done in Ann Arbor. It does away with petty jealousies, and breaks down barriers, and creates a bond of fellowship among these men of the people, who buy and sell and are creating a standard of right doing in the community.