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Stole Man's Diamond Ring

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While Assisting Him to Walk Off Jag


But Could Not be Held Because the Complaining Witness Could Not Stay to Testify

Frank Redfield, giving his home as Mt. Pleasant, was lodged in jail Saturday night, charged with stealing a diamond ring from a Wisconsin student who came here to witness the football game.

As the story goes the student had imbibed too freely and a companion took him in hand to walk off his jag. Redfield, although a stranger to the men, volunteered his assistance and took one side of the inebriated man. They walked around awhile, when the sober student noticed that his chum's diamond ring had disappeared from his left hand and immediately suspected that Redfield had something to do with it. He did some rapid thinking and suggested to Redfield that he would get a carriage and take his chum away. Redfield remained with the "jaggy" youth and the other man repaired to the jail and told his suspicions to Undersheriff Wm. Gauntlett.

Mr. Gauntlett accompanied the young man up Huron street, where they found the two men, and took Redfield in charge. He at first denied all knowledge of the ring, but before going very far admitted that he had it, but said he took it for safe keeping. A search also disclosed that he had the young man's pocketknife and comb, showing that he had gone through. That he found nothing else was due to the foresight of the chum who had taken the drunken man's watch and money.

Redfield was lodged in jail, but as the students would not remain to prosecute the case he was allowed to go yesterday morning.