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Real Estate Transfers

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Caroline M. Henriques to Alfred Henrlquer, Aun Arbor wlll Josliua Lambert to Chas. R. Jt'Nettlu Lamben, Ypsilantt $ 5C0 Charles Tessmer to Samuel O. Mlller, Ann Arbor 1 Samuel Q. Mlller to Chas. Tessmer, Anii Arbor 800 Qeo. H. Feldkamp to Babcock, Sears James, exr-'s, Sharon 9,033 O. W. Holt to C. E. Holt, Augusta 2,000 Horace A. Ledyear to Orsou Forshee, Salem 300 The Chelsea Savlngs Bank to L. A. & F. Wolff, Manchester 4,100 Joseph Goodman to John C. Chalmers, Pittsfleld 8,000 Franc├ęs Bow et al. to Jerry Smlley, YpBllantl 150 Stephen B. Morse by ex-'r, to Jacob Brooks, Ypsllantl 90 Judson Linden to James Carmer, Brldgwatcr 1,600 Tlins. Nlude to lierschei Qoodspeed et al. Ann Arbor 1 John W. Qoodspeed to Thos. Nlnde, Ann Arbor 1 Mury A. Hust to Chas. H. Wllson, MUau 1 Catharlne Slaebler to Wm. Aprlll, Jr., Lima & Lodl 5,587 A. H. Pattenglll to Regentsof U. of M., Anu Arbor 850 Alpheus Felch to A. H. Pattenglll, Ann Arbor 850 W. R. Osborn to Oeo. Osborn, Augusta 700