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Alvin Wilsey, Agt.

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Who Buys the Boardman & Gray Piano? We present a tew namos of parchasen ol the nnw I! lanknan & Qray UPIIIGHT Planoi. J. J. Goodyear, J. M. Swlft, Jcilm Mead, Dr. I'. H. Rose, Mra. Judse Cooley (three in one order). Jolin Moore, Mrs. Matrgle Slater, Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Dr. Dunster, Prof. M. E. Cooley, Mrs. Dr. Angel 1, Prof. L. D. Wines, C. Schuit.. Prof. P. L. York, Wesleyan QuiM, Dr. Glbbes, Prof. Rositer G. Colc, Win. Blggs, Mrs. Fields, P. G. Sukey. Itead these solid unpnrchaeed testimoníalo. Culi or write for testlm .nial catalog ie. Mr. Alvin Wilskt, Dear Sir ;- We purchnacd our Boardmaa & Or.iy Uprlght Piano of you about six years ano. It has never been tuned, novcr beeo out of order. Nu piano could do betler. Ans Akiior, Aug. lat, 18Í9. Youra truly, Tom. E. Nickels. From Prof. Francis h. York, of the Ann Arbar School of Mnsic, and Organist of the Churcb. or Our Fiither, Deu-oit, ttlcb. Altin Wilset, Ksq., Dear Sir:- Tho Boardman & Gray tJprlght Piano tliat I pnrehased of yon fve years affo ha been in almost c-iHtant iisu, m'icti inoic so llitii U nflUAli It wcars like iron, and stindn in tune renurkabiy. The li. & G. U a very rliabic piano. Finjjcia L. Yoiik. Ann Aubor, Maren 7ta, '89. Ann Arbop, Míen., March, 1887. Messrr. Iïoardmax & Gray, Gtnilemsn :I taïïe pleaeure in sayinïf that tho Boardman & Gray parchased from your agent here has given great satlafaction. The tone action and tone eustalning quaility are admirable. I thinlc it peouliarly ddlig Kfal ai an accompaniment to the volee, there la a certaln qnnlityof richnesa, which ia wonditrfutly nelpful in prolonjed tones. It reqnlrea less frequent tanuig tlian uny piano I have known and I think lew pianos equal it. Yours respectfnlly, Mus. Jamks li. Angkll. The Boardman db Gray stands unrivaied in the ESSENTIALS of a flrst-class viano. 25 S. Fourth St, Ann Arbor.


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