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Council Meetings

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Monday evening a íull board was present. ïlie acceptance of the Ann Arbor Street iailway Co.'s francliiso was received, witli the doposit of $200. Petition of Albert Gardner and otliers asking for uu electric liglit at the coruor of Fifih and Mudisou street?. Refe rred o Street Lighting (Jommittee. OfH. Kittredge asking for the privlege of erecting sheds 011 hls lot on the corner of Ann and Fiist slrccts. Refcirod to Fire Cora. Communicaiion from Messrs. Hamili on. Rose and Sheehan, cbaning their ropOiiti()ll SO tlmf Hio aU ' " pend leM Uiun $300 lor tliree years on lieir propoged park after tlie city liniHs hall have been extended so as to include ha somt-. Was recoived and later on was accepted. Altl. Miller from CommHteee on Finance reportod the following expe:.dures for the ma ith: Contingent fund Si.104.91 Pólice " Hö.iO Water " S.iüfii M) Joor " 1Í1.B9 'lreman's " 32U.54 Streel tund 45i.6á Total ÍMI2.5S A report oí the i manee Uommlttee containing some errors ot' the assessor, was received atiü errors correeteil. A report of the (Joiumittee on Ordioances, brlnging up tUe ordlnance relatiye to porters, runners and drivers, was received and ordinaace passed. A. report of the Sireut Lightniug Coinmittee locating a lifïht at the córner of State and Puckíud sts. was recelved and adopted. CITY OFFICE R8. City Treasurer Watts reporled t lie following balances: Contingent fund ovenlrawn í l,_'i." .11 Street " " .V5S.84 Klremen's " " ,!ill.6 l'ollce " " -T1M Ioor " ou liunil Ü3.V29 Water works " '■ 211.40 Cemetery " " 19.19 Dog lax " " 1ÜD.U0 Delinquent ' ovor 977.87 City Marshal Walsh reported seven arresta duriu" the month, 4 drunk, 2 vngraney, 1 larci-ny. l'oor Supt. Sipley reported the follow inj( expendltures: ist wsed s r3í ,1 " .71 8d " 2&41 4tU " 6'J.58 Bth ■ 18 "1 tun ' ÍÜ Total fliü.33


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