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Allmendinger Piano And Organ Company

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TOGIMTMOUTWEUM mm you the mwm We have made contracts with certiin Piano Manufacturers to sell our Organs, we selling their Pianos. This exchange system enables us to buy lower than we otherwise could. We have in stock two pianos, the manufacturers of which are makers of, or interested in, the manufacture of Reed Organs. With these firms, therefore, we could not make similar contracts, and shall close out the following Pianos, of these manufacturers, at any price above actual cost, to enable us to use the money in different directions. One KRANICH & BACH. Cabinet Grand Piano, Style E, 7 octaves, Ebonized Case; round corners; fancy carved mouldings ; patent motoi ,„:.,.. boïLj recLat'g ai-cion ; new swinging desk; new nickle plated continuous hinge ; height 4 ft. 9% inches 3 width 5 ft. 5 inches. The instruments of this Company are well known, having been manufactured since 1864, and possessing some of the most valuable patents known in Piano manufacture, being thoroughly reliable, of easy touch, and of most excellent wearing qualities, and used by many of the most prominent artists. We ask your examination of this piano and an inspection of catalogues, testimoniáis, etc., as we will make it an object in price to any intending purchaser. Also one KIMBALL, Style 4, (71 octaves, three strings new design trusses), manufactured by the well known Kimball Piano and Organ Mfg. Co., being one of the largest Reed manufacturers in the world. This Piano has received the endorsement of some of the most prominent artists of the Metropolitan Opera Company, by whom it was used during the engagement of this company in the series of Germán Operas given in Chicago during the past year. We will sell, also, two 5-octave Estey Organs, one 6-octave Estey Organ, md one 6-octave Chicago Cottage Organ, at equally low rates. This offer is no bluff, or loud talk. Our Company has the reputation of ioing as they agree. We shall drop this line of goods, for the reason we mention, and if you want a Piano or Organ, you will never have a bet ter chance to buy such standard instruments for so little money. Not one of the instruments has ever been rented, sold or used, and we wish it understood that they are not second hand instruments, (although we have a large number of this class of instruments which we are able to show to customers desiring them.) If you are interested, cali early, as the first one paying us enough to enable us to simplyget out whole, will get these instruments. IKHjRWMtt. TUDLPjín -.. Factokt: First and Washington Sis. Retail Wareuooms: 38 S.Main 81. LEW H. CLEMEXT, Manager Relaü Department.


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