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■V. I,. ScoTT'a oolliery noar Mount! C...

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■V. I,. ScoTT'a oolliery noar Mount! Carmel, l'a. . suspended oprrations on the -il, throwing ono thousand miners ou. of work. Rki'okts of statistics of locomotiva building for ISS'.i show a slight falling oif from the product of 1888. Reports from about tialf tho car-building companios show a decline of 20 per cent, from the product of 188S. Otto LeCtH, afrod seventeen years, was sen tenoed at Cleveland, O., on tho 2d to bo hangod at Columbus, April 10. for the murdei' of Maggie Thompson, a little girl. Tuk statement of the public debt is sued on tho 2d showed the total debt to bo 91,610,669,058; cash in the Treasury, 980,595,149; debt less cash in Treasury, $1,063,953,011. Decrease during December, $8,138,083. Deercase sinco Juno 80. 1889, 82663,710. A (juiCKSiLVEi; mine that assayed from 55 to 00 per cent. of morcury was discovered on the Oth near Tacoma, Waso. Ax unflnished ti'estle on the Brierfield, lUocton & Birmingham railroad near Birminham, Ala., feil on tho 3d, carrying down twenty-five carponters who wero at work on the structure. David J. Webb and Cari Clark were killed and twenty others injurod. JosKi'ii Lsuoira was frozon to death at East Atchison, Kan., on the 3d whilo drunk. Tuk Alleghony Central telephone office and building at Allegheny City, Ta., waa destroyed by flro on tho 3d. 1! cnicicd tho residence of Dr. Knillin. a Trcnton (N. J.) dentist, on tho night of tho 2d, chloroforming his wife and a young lady visitor. In tho morning Mrs. Knitlin was found dcad in her bed-room. Hor companion was unconscious, but was rcvived and told the story of the attack. Uy the collapse of a bridgo at Hallcttsville, Tex., on tho 3d twonty-two treijjht-cara were thrown into the river, and three persons were drowned and many injurcd. Dri:;xc the year 18S9 failures in the United States mimbered 10,882, with liabilities of 8148,784,887. The failures during the seven days ended on tho 3d numbered 322 against 2SS tho previous week. The throe-mastcd l'ortugueseschooner Veluria, which sailed from New York September 7, was on the !d given up for lost. She had ten men in her crew and carried nino passengers. Tiir dry-goods house of J. Burger, of Cairo. 111., was placed in the hands of a receivoron the 8d. The assots are 15,000 and the liabilities $85,000. Willis Gayi.oh. at one timo a heavy manipulator of railroad securities at Philadelphia, committed suicido on the 3d in tho county prison thero, having been arrested for debt. Seven people lost thelr livos and four houses were almost entirely wrecked, including tho Roman Catholic church, by a snow-slide at .Sierra City, Cal., on the 3d. LoUIfi Xathai., composer, author and plaj'wright, died of the grippe on the 3d at New York. At Boebe's logging camp, eighty milos up the Tennessee river from Paducah, Ky., a cabin in the woods caught fire on tho 3d and four inmates were burned to death. Gal vin Moiiuis washangedatHouma, La., on the Sd for the murder of Alfred Harrison October 5, 1889. Johx Ramsky, a brakeman, and Robert Coleman, an enginecr, were killed by the collision of freight trains near Wichita, Kan., on the 3d. Major Hakhisox Kou anxax and wifo, of Brownington. Mo., were arrested on the 3d for the murdor of their child. The woman is only sevonteen years old. Joiix RüBKLE ;:nd William Hughes were killed by the explosión of a sawmill boiler at Chillicothe, Mo., on the3d.


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