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AnviCES of the ;!0th uit. say that hundreds of the foreign residents of Brazil had protested against the natural iza tion scbcnie of tho Provisional ltepublican Government, by which they were to be forced to become Brazilian citizens. At a firemen's exhibit on the 30th uit. at Havana, Cuba, twenty-two firemen were injurcd, three of thora fatally. Dr. V. O. LiviMiroNi:, the only surviving son of David Livingstono, the famous African explorer, died on tho 30th uit. at St. Albans, Eng., aged thirty-nine years. L. A. Bkrgavin, a wholesale drygoods dealer at Quebec, Can., failed on the SOth uit. for S100.000. M. RoTHsfinr.i) on tho iOth uit. presented 100,000 francs totho nnmicipality to bo devoted to the relief of tho poor ol Paris afflicted with influenza A fiiïe occurrod at the industrial so.hool in Wostham, Enff., on tho Sist uit., and twenty-six livos were lost. The whole list of casualties in the Old World during' the year 18Ü9, where the loss of Ufo was important enough to be telegraphed, includinj those who perished by disease and battle, was 96,380, against 0i, 107 in 18S8. The royal palaco of King Leopold, neair Urussels, was burned on the lst, together with all the private papers of the King and the Queen's jewels. Thiktv-two offioers wero arrested at St. Petersburgh on the 2d charged with being members of tho secret society whose object is to abolish the aristocracy and to establish a constitutienal monarchy. Senou Agayahiih, a noted Spanish tenor, died at Madrid on the 2d of influenza. Tino White Star steamer Britannic collided with tho brigantine Czarowitz in the Irish sea on the 3d. The Czarowitz sank and her captain was drowned, the crew being roscued by the Britannic. Petkk Jacksox, the colored pugilist, cablea to tho Lnitcd Statos on tho 3d his acceptanco of John L. Sullivan's challenge to fight íor $10,000 a side. He will suil for New York January 15. Fiiie at Port Arthur, Ont., on tho 8d destroyed property valucd at over 810,C03. IM Montreal, Can., on tho 3d Thomas AVilliams killed his wife and himself with a razor. Domestic trouble was tho causo. A PLOT to murder the Czar of Russia and the entire imperial family was unearthed at St. Petersburg on the 8d, and many persons high in official circles were plp.ced under arrest for their connection with the plot. The ministry of Spain resigned on the 3d, and Senor Sagasta wculd attempt to form a new Cabinet on a basis that will reconcile the various Liberal groups.


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