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Advicks of the 2Sth trom Rio Janeiro say that forty S&llors weiv executed by thenewOovernnunt forshouting: "Long live tho Etnperor." Ox the 38th Maryborough, Queensland, was inundatcd and six peoplo were drowned. Sir WÍIXIA.M (!(jr.r„ physician to the Prince of Wales, and crae of the most famous doctors of his time, died at London on the 29tb, aged 74 years. Advicks of tho 29th say that Americans in Mesopotaraia had unearthod an ancient temple and foiind a heil, tableta and cylinders hearing inscriptiona dating 3,750 yeara 15. C. News of tho 29th from Colombia saya that the tribo of Indian.s (30,000 in number) on the San Ulas reservation had raised the American fla and dcclared themselves American citizins. Tuf. house of John Gorley at St. Johns, N. F., was burncd on the 29th, and he and nis threechildren - two boys and a girl - perished in the fiamos. Advices of the 29th say that tho Braziliian Government had Issued a decroo divorcing the church and Stite. John Wixn-, ono of the survivors of the famous Shannon-Chosapeake battlo, died at Truro, N. 8., on tho 29th, aged 106 years. The Canadian l'arliament on the 30th uit. announccd that tho estimated ej{pensos for the next fiscal year wero L30,000,000. The Manitoba Logislature convoned at Winnipeg on the 30th uit. of the 31st uit. from Croto say there had been lately many murdors of both Turks and Christians, and the Christians, fearing tho effects of Turkish revenga, were tak ing refuge Wi the hills. Tuk Italian Kast African Company on tho 31st uit. decided to organizo extensivo factories and whatevor cstablishments might bo necessa,ry to work great plantations in África. Exoi.ish mine-owners wero on tho Sist uit. preparing to form a federation to protect their intorests against the organizations of employés.


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