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Wasiiingtov, Feb. lá.- Representativo Allen uot, the iioor at the mornlng bour's sesxion to-diiy and held It lor 20 minutes In a (tiscussion of the ruien In one of the ablea and must eloquent speeches deltvered on the republlcnu side rhis sesslon. At lts close members extended hitn congratulatlons Flve minutes of Allen's time was reserved for Oen. Cutcheou, who, followlng Caruth, o Kentucky, mnde a loglcal aud températe ar gtiment sustalulng the rules as reported. by the muiorlty. The debate was continued by Mr. Dockery of Missouri, In the veln of earnest critlclsm The propoáed rules, he sald, would relieve congiess the npcesslty of repealing taxatlon at least as far as tbs surpluh was concerned. After hls speech Repesentatlve Allen was cnlled to the chalr and presided over the house In a satlsfaotory marmer during the cllale on the rules - Detroit Evenlng Jour nal, t'eb. 12tn. Aiul yet, tliere ure men In tli is dtttric who feel.'themselves able to (ill Mr. Al len's shoes. Wben a district has a man who exerts as much influence as doe Mr. Allen, it is best to keep him there Experience proves that a man is wortl much more to an employer each suc ceedlsg year. Just so wiih a Congress man. Onr next Consrressman's name must be Edwaiil P. Allen. L ist week's Argus contains a length; article bewailing the lot of Conjrress man Allen. Ii it was graphically de plcted the life of the present representa tive ns-he is besieged vvith office seekers "workere," etc. Can it be possible tha the enial writer of the article (Mr Beakes) is working up a liltle boomle of h own, seekiog to crcate sympath; for Mr. Allen, and at the same time in direclly offering to carry the burden him self for two or four years? We cai hardly believe that the people feel less nthusiastic over Mr. Allen than tliey dld two or four years ago, and bellen that Mr. Allen will have more friend when the nomination is made tliis fall than he has had at any previous time Truo, not every office seeker can be satis Bed, but "thank goodness," the country' good does not lie in the hunds of tlia "innocent" creature.


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