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Real Estate Transfers

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Loulse A. Crouch to F. J. Rust, Augusta 375 j. K; Collar by adm'r to Chas. Merrltt, AugUBta 1,400 Elliabeth Collar to W. J.Canfleld trust. Ypsllanti and Augusta 600 Robert Schwickrath to Ueo. 1'. Glazier, Chelsea 119 Jno. Koch to Herman Langer, Aun Arbor 1.000 Jeremah Kennedy to Patrlck Sheeby, . wi 11Sarah A. Booth to Elizabeth A. Duuo, Ypsllantl 750 David Rahr to Sweet & Bycraft, Ann Arbor ï 425 Chas. Teasemer to Louise Wlldkack, Ann Arbor 1,150 Ludwig Seyler to John F. Gerstner, Ann Arbor 1,400 Oeorge & Heeve to Hunter & Turn Buil, Auu Arbor 4,395 TImothy Dreslane to Chas. M. Davis, Lodi 4,150 Sylvla E. Sraith to A. W. & M. A. Fellows, AnnArbor 200 W. W. Tozer to J. T. Jacobs, Ann Arbor 5,000 Asher C. Taylor to John C. Zigler, Manchester 1.2C0 Olive C. Oleske to Wm. H. Schulte, liaron 1,000 Anti A. Schulte to Wm. II. Schulte, Sharon 1,000 B. McCauley to E. Howard, Dexter 375 Martin Man, to Qideon Bolliuger, Sylvan 1,008 Jas. Hallen by heirs to J. 11. Hullen et al., Northfield 3,000 Wm. B. Davls lo S. D. Clifford, York .. 1,000 Henry A. Wolf lo Miohafil Schiller, Kroedom 1,800 J. T. Jacobs to M. O. Sccor, A nu Arbor 8,600 FraDzFcrkes to John Walz, I,oili 2,400 E. W. Morgan to John Beasley, Ann Arbor lo Jno. Beasley to Ellen Beasley, Ann Arbor 1 Auditor General to J. 1). Corey, Manchester H. T. Morton to J. D. Corey, Marchester 30 M. E. Eeles to J. D. Corey, Manchester. 500 P. D.WoodrufftoAnna M. l'incham.Ann Arbor (7") Francés E. Baxter to Tlios Nlndc, Ypsilanti 1 Thos. Ninde to F. E. & J. O. Baxter , Ypsllanti 1 Kltchen & Lawrence to John Baxter, Ypsllunu i AlbertColllns to F. E. Odell, Saline .. . 1,'on Osrar O. Sorg to H. T. Morton, Ann Ar hor j.GOO Mary A. Buit to C. H. WlUon, Ml] kn '200