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Josh Billings' Sayings:--"the Trouble

Josh Billings' Sayings:--"the Trouble image
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with some peoplc who braj: of ttieir nncestry is in their rent descent." "I tliank God for allowing fools to live tliat wise men raay get :i living out of thera." "If a fellow gets to golng down hill,it seems as if every thing weregreased for the occasion." "Wealtli won't inake a man virtuous, but thcre ain't anybody who wants to be poor just for the purpose of being good." "If you want to keep a mulé in a pasture, turn kim into an adjacent meadow and heil jump in." "I've known a mulé to be good for six montlis .ust to get a chance to kick somebody." "Men ahould not boast so much: a little hornet if he feels well can break up a whole camp meeting.'' "The man who lias a thousand frlends Has not a frlend to spare ; lint he who has oue enemyt W1U meet hitn evcrywheie." "Oh, doctor," exclaimed the weepinjr wifp, "must j'ou give my husLand up? Can't you do somethin;: more for him, doctor, before you go?" "Yes madam," said the doctor, grimly, "I can make out my bill."- Suniervlllc Journal.


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