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"A ptitoh In time save nine," and if yon...

"A ptitoh In time save nine," and if yon... image
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"A ptitoh In time save nine," and if yon tnke Hood'sSarsaparilla now it may save months of future possible sickness. "I am the speaker oftliis house," said Jénnie'8 papa, Ín no uncertaln tonos, "and I sliall notify tliat young man of yours tbat wben I make a motion to adjourn it dosen't require a second in order to go into effect. The motion to adjourn will be made at 10 p. va. sharp." - Minneapol8 Tribune. HIbbard's Throut and Lung Balsam. For tliroat and Imng troubles this remedy has no equal. It is guaranteed to cure consumption In lts first stages, and eyen In advanced stages of that disease it relieves coughing and induces sleep. You may have a congh or a cold at any time, tiierefore no household, especially with children, should be without it. For all aflections of tlie throat, lungs and clC9t, croup, 'whooping congh, hoarseness spitting of blood and all pulmonary dlseases it has no equal. Sold by Ann Arbor druggists. "M-m-y d-d-dear, I 1-Moveyou! W-wwill you be "began Mr. M. Pediment. "Tliat will do," replied the proud beauty. "I do not care to be wooed oa the installment plan." - Harper's Buzar. A Western contemporary speaks tu a o.liatty way of "hours wltli Gladstone." Ve would not object to taking ours wlth Gladstontí, only we diün't know theG. O. M. was inclined that way. - Philudelpuia Press. Smart Weed and Belladonna, combi ned wlth the other ingredients used in the best porus piasters, make Carter's SW. & B. Backache Piasters the best in the market. Price 25 centa.


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